Re-release of romantic screenplay “Azhagi” that disturbed everyone!

Azhagi movie that celebrated love is back in theaters from March 29 !!

Presented by Udayakumar by Udayakita Cine Creations, Udayakita’s “Azhagi” is universally hailed as the most important film in the history of Tamil cinema and created a huge impact and a turning point in the film industry. The film is coming back to theaters on 29th with refurbished glow!

Reminiscing about the memories of first love, this wonderful film will be re-released to entertain the present generation.

Thangar Bachchan, who became a cinematographer in Tamil cinema for the first time, wrote and directed the movie Azhagi. Released in 2002 starring Parthiban, Nandita Das and Devayani. Tanger Bachchan had scripted the film based on the true events of his life, based on his self-penned short story “Kalvetu”.

Ilayaraja’s songs rocked the bar.

First love is special for everyone. First love stays with the mind till death, first love of school days always stays with you in life. The story of the film is what happens when one meets such a first love.
This film has stirred everyone’s school days memories and has triggered everyone’s first love memories.

The film depicted the memories of unsuccessful first love, the inner feelings of a man that transcends three seasons in a way that Tamil cinema had never seen before.

The film, which did not fall into any of the grammars of Tamil cinema, was celebrated by all quarters as a golden love epic in Tamil cinema.

Also released alongside Ajith starrer Red and Kamal Haasan’s Pammal Ke Sambandham, the film edged out all other films to reach the poor slum dwellers and became a blockbuster hit with a run of 175 days in theatres.

Love is always common, especially school-age unrequited love, which today’s generation can easily relate to life. In the current Tamil cinema where there are not many romantic films, even foreign language romantic films are becoming huge hits here. In this case, the re-release of Alagi film will tell the history of that time for the present generation and will be an opportunity to celebrate love.

The most interesting thing is what will be the first thing you want to talk about when you meet your girlfriend or boyfriend after marriage. This impression is present throughout the film.
On screens with 4K, 5:1 technology from March 29.