The movie “Bike Taxi” started on a good note with Pooja !!The first look release of ‘Bike Taxi’ starring Naksha Saran and directed by Ganapathi Balamurugan, produced by producer K M Ilanjezhiyan and pooja of the film was held in the presence of celebrities from the film world.Celebrities like Director Suchindran, Music Composer AR Rehana, Kali Venkat, Vayapuri etc. attended the function and congratulated the crew.In this event…The producer of Bike Taxi movie K M Ilanchezhiyan said..Hello everyone, happy relations. Director Ganapathi Balamurugan has directed two films so far which are films for everyone. Not a single scene in it makes you frown. Mainly License film is a film made with social concern. Similarly, this film will also be a socially conscious work. On behalf of our company, we want to give only good works rather than blockbusters. They ask why there is no big hero in this. With this film we are introducing the biggest star Naksha Charan. Dissolving the distinction between men and women, we introduce him as a star through our company. A story of a woman who drives a bike taxi and the people she meets during a day.Thank you for entertaining all of you as this movie is a great socially conscious movie.Director Ganapathy Balamurugan said…My thanks to the producers of my film, my Gurunathar Suchindran and my family. Doing three films in this period is very difficult. Apart from that, we are making this film amidst many difficulties. The film is the story of Vidya, a bike taxi driver, and 6 people she meets in one day. 6 people, 6 stories in one day will be very interesting. We all came with the intention of making a big hit. Thank you to everyone who supported this film.Actress Naksha Saran, the heroine of the film Bike Taxi, spoke…Thanks to everyone who came here to say hello. Everyone knows that the director sir will write great female characters. I hope to do the best I can with the character he has written. Thanks to everyone.Lyricist Karthik Netha said..It is not necessary to listen to the story of the film, you know what kind of film Bala Anna will make. The film will definitely be a socially conscious film. There are many fields that women cannot enter, but that is breaking down these days. This is a film that makes such a beautiful statement. A film about travel. I hope the film will have the aesthetics of Iranian films. Greetings to all.Lyricist Ramanikanthan said..Director Ganapathy Balamurugan has been directing films that talk about feminism. It is a pleasure to join Rehana madam in this film. Thanks to the director and producer for giving me the opportunity. The movie is definitely going to be a big hit thanksEditor Veronica Prasad said..Director Ganapathy Balamurugan has given me a second chance. My thanks to both director and producer. This film is definitely going to be a masterpiece.Actor Shoban Babu said..The director is a friend of 25 years and thanks him for this opportunity. This is an 18-year film struggle. I express my gratitude to everyone. The movie is sure to be a big hit.Actor Kali Venkat said..Haven’t even bought the advance yet but I’m here for the pooja. But earlier the director told me the story, a very interesting story. My roll was fantastic. It is a pleasure to act with Vayapuri Anna. My best wishes to this team. Thank you for making the film a great film.Chinna Samy, the producer of Manja Chata Green Shirt, said..Director Balamurugan loves and creates cinema. His films definitely have social thought. For such a director, the board should be supported by the press. The cinematographer is the hardest worker I know. I was also working on the film. I hope it will happen in the next film. Greetings to all. The movie will be a big hit.Music composer AR Rehana said..The director not only writes femininity characters but also respects women in reality. Loved the story he told. A great role for the heroine Naksha, she will be seen as Nadia in this film. Thank you for the success of the film.Actor Vayapuri said…Thank you fans for keeping us alive. I am playing the role of a father in the film. A father brings a small tremor, a father automatically brings responsibility, but Naksha, the heroine of the film, has more responsibility than the father. I cried when the director narrated the story. It was so hot. I acted only for one day in License. The director won’t even talk, will he tell the story properly? I thought, threatened. I heard that the most compelling role for Ayaki is newcomer Okewa, who would be perfect as your daughter. He showed me that I shot two scenes with him, I saw it. Congratulations, he has acted wonderfully. It’s a pleasure to perform in Rehana Madam’s music. Although the film License was not a hit, I congratulate the producer Ilanjehian who gave me the next film opportunity. The film will definitely be a hit.Naksha Charan, who starred in films like Makal Nayagan Ramarajan starrer Samanian and director Thiru Suchindran’s Maragazi Thingal, will play the lead role in the lead role, along with leading stars like Vayapuri, Kali Venkat and others. Along with them, Shoban Babu and child star Aditi Balamurugan will act.It is a story about six interesting people a woman bike taxi driver meets in one day. The film features a small puppy in the lead role. The film is going to be shot in Chennai and Pondicherry at a huge cost.Director Ganapathy Balamurugan, who has directed films like License starring Goundamani and playback singer Rajalakshmi as the female lead, has written and directed the film’s story. A.R.Rehana is composing the music, M.R.M.Jaysuresh is handling the cinematography and Anand Mani is the art director. Veronica Prasad serves as the editor. Karthik Netha and Ramanikanthan compose the songs of the film. Hari Kiran serves as the choreographer. Rajan works as a Product Executive.