KPY Bala helped school students along with Raghava Lawrence Master !!

Raghava Lawrence Master and KPY Bala jointly set up toilet facility for school students !!

Raghava Lawrence Master and KPY Bala who joined the people’s work !

Both Raghava Lawrence Master and KPY Bala, who are constantly involved in people’s work, have helped Tiruvannamalai district Irumpedu government to set up a toilet facility for the students of Menilaipalli at a cost of 15 lakhs.

Raghava Lawrence Master has been doing a lot of help in people work and community work for a long time. Similarly, the small screen fame actor Bala has been doing many social works recently. Both of them have now done charity work for school students and have received great appreciation.

KPY Bala is getting a lot of appreciation from the people for his continuous help. He is receiving many requests from the general public.

It is in this situation that the students have been suffering for many years without toilet facility in the Irumpedu Government of Thiruvannamalai district and the ex-students’ association of the school has demanded that it be fulfilled.

KPY Bala immediately gave an advance of 5 lakhs to upgrade this toilet facility and as he could not complete this toilet facility himself, actor Raghava approached Lawrence Master. Raghava Lawrence Master, who immediately came to help, praised Bala and very enthusiastically promised to help with the work.

The initial phase of construction of toilet facility for school students, which has been lying dormant for a long time, has started with enthusiasm. In this case, the people of the area and the school students are praising Raghava Lawrence Master and KPY Bala and expressing their gratitude.