Raghava Lawrence extends support to Shanmugha Pandian’s Padai Thalaivan!

After the death of revolutionary artist Vijayakanth, Raghava Lawrence Master released a video. He said that he is ready to act in a special appearance in the Shanmuga Pandian-starrer Padai Thalaivan. After watching this video, I as a director wanted to somehow bring the master into this film. There was only 5 minutes of footage at a crucial point in the film. I told this to Raghava Lawrence Master with great reluctance. But he doesn’t leave room for any ideas, I act. It doesn’t matter what minute I come. He said that he is happy that I am in the film Thambi Shanmukha Pandiyan. When I heard this, I was very happy as a director. Raghava Lawrence master immediately agreed without any conditions for the respect the captain put on him and to keep his word, it shows his generosity.. And when the producer talked about the master’s salary, I don’t want any salary, 4, poverty. He said it is enough to help the families in the situation as much as you can. This attitude of Raghava Lawrence Master seemed to add more strength to the force leader. The film team is very happy to announce this happy news to the media.