Reena broke the truth! What was Rathi’s answer? Heartbeat series with thrilling twists !!4 new episodes every week on Friday!’Heartbeat’ is a heart-pounding entertainment series set in the backdrop of a hospital, and Disney+ Hotstar is offering fans a delightful experience.Reena, who joins a new job under doctor Rathi at the hospital, breaks the truth that Thandan is doctor Rathi’s daughter.What is Rathi’s response to Reena’s question in this situation?Why didn’t the children raise Reena with him after birthDid she leave it in the archives?Will he accept Reena as his daughter and integrate her into his family?Like Reena, fans are also waiting for answers to more questions. This surprise twist has created a lot of excitement among fans towards next week’s episode.With more twists and turns, catch 4 new episodes of “Heartbeat” series every Friday on Disney+ Hot Star.