Hot Spot – Press Meet Directed by Vignesh Karthik and produced by K J Balamani Marban and Suresh Kumar under the banner of KJP Talkies and 7 Warrior Films and presented by Dinesh Kannan of Sixer Entertainment, Hot Spot is a film that talks about the unspoken sides of male-female relationships. As the film is slated to hit the screens on March 29, the film’s press meet was held in the presence of the Media as well as the film crew.In this event…Producer KJ Balamani Marban said…Hot Spot is our first venture. Vignesh is known to me since the past four years. We made a short film during the lockdown time. He told the story of the film while making the film, Thittam Irandu. I liked it. The trailer has created huge waves. There are a lot of comments about the film. Watch the movie and you will definitely like it. Then give your views. After the completion of the film, Sixer Entertainment came with a big helping hand and I am thankful to them. The film is scheduled for release in theaters on March 29th. Thank you for your coordination and cooperation. Dinesh Kannan spoke on behalf of Six Entertainment.Hot Spot- we had produced Thittam Irandu with Vignesh. Here, he has handled a bold theme in a responsible manner. After watching the trailer of the movie don’t jump to conclusions! Watch the movie and you will like it. All the actors have acted very bravely. Thank you for the supportActor Gokul Binay said…Everyone who worked in the film has worked with dedication. I will share more information on the film’s success meet. Thanks to everyone.Editor Muthiah said…The trailer of the film must have raised a lot of questions in you, the answers to those questions will be available on March 29. Thanks to Vignesh Anna for the opportunity in this film. This movie is very bold, watch the movie and you will definitely like it.Music composer Vaan said…This is my first platform. Thanks to Vignesh Anna. This movie showcases a very bold story and it is very difficult to do it on the big screen . Vignesh has directed very boldly. Watch the movie and you will like it. Thank you.Art director Siva Sankaran said…Thanks to everyone who worked on the film. Everyone has worked very hard. Very good movie thank you for your supportActress Sophia said…Thanks to my parents. I think Vignesh Sir has shaped the character very well. Support the film by watching it in theaters. Thanks. Actor Subash said…This film will be the most important film for me after Thittam Irandu . Thanks Vignesh Bro. A lot of questions will arise after watching the trailer. But after the film, it will all be understood. All the actors have acted well. Thank you for supporting the film.Actress Ammu Abirami said…Thanks to Vignesh for choosing me for this role. I was afraid when he first told the story, but only after watching Thittam Irandu did I understand his story telling style! My character has come out very well. I have faith in Vignesh. You will understand if you see the film, please raje the film to people. My thanks to all. Actor Aditya Bhaskar said…They gave me this script 1 1/2 years ago. I was wondering when this would happen. Thanks to the director who chose me in this film. This film is a very bold story, journalists need to understand and support this film, there is nothing in the film that will make you cringe. A fan of Kalaiyarasan, I am glad to have acted with him. After watching this movie give me your opinion thanks.Actor Kaliyarasan said…When the trailer of this film was released, many people from the film industry called and scolded. But if you watch the whole movie you will understand the meaning. Vignesh’s storytelling may be different, but the destination is the same. I have faith in Vignesh Brother. He picked up the series Yours Shamefully. It, too, made waves, but when it was over, it made us think so beautifully. This film will be the same, thank you. Everyone will like it.Director Vignesh Karthik said…Hot Spot is produced by my friends, thanks to them for believing in me. There are a lot of actors involved and everyone has come to realize the crux of the plot. Everyone has done a great job. I hope that this film will evoke the same reactions that I did with Yours Shamefully. We have worked very carefully not to give the wrong impression. Thank you all. The film stars Kalaiyarasan, 96 film fame, Aditya Bhaskar, and Gauri Kishan, Sandy Master, Ammu Abhirami, Janani Iyer, Thittam Irandu, hero Subhash, Sophia in lead roles.Music is composed by Satish Raghunathan-Vaan. Gokul Binay handled the cinematography and Muthaiyan is the editor.The film will hit theaters worldwide on March 29. Presented by Dinesh Kannan under Sixer Entertainment.