Produced by Dilli Babu of Access Film Factory and directed by PV Shankar, GV Prakash-
Bharathirajaa starrer ‘Kalvan’ releases on April 4.

Lyricist Snehan said, “I have travelled with GV sir in many films. The songs are also hits. When writing a song for musicians, having a composer who enjoys the lyrics is even more exciting to write. GV is one such person. You will definitely like the songs of this movie. Director Shankar carried the team with such unity. GV Prakash will go to next heights as an actor and composer”.

Music composer Reva said, ‘Kalvan’ is a special film for all of us. Thanks to the producer, GV Prakash and the director for trusting me to compose the music. Bharathiraja Sir and GV Prakash have acted well. Everyone will definitely like this movie”.

Director Perarasu said, “Bharathiraja sir came to cinema to act and became Director Imayam. If you ask me, it’s a good thing that he didn’t act in the new movie. Because he inspired many people like me to come to cinema. The director must rise to the level of the actor. We enjoyed ‘Love Today’ starring actress Ivana. Usually heroines are beautiful only if they wear flower and saree. But Ivana looked beautiful even in a nightie. GV Prakash is now a successful hero. If there is a good story, he gives a chance to a newbie director without hesitation. The movie ‘Kalvan’ has an elephant as the main focus. MGR, Rajini sir, Prabhas, Vikram Prabhu, all their films with elephants are hits. I wish that sentiment for this film as well.”

Art Director N.K. Raghav said, “Thanks to the producer, director and hero for giving me a chance”.

Director Lingusamy said, “Similarly, I saw GV Prakash in an audio function and said he looks like a hero. Looks like I changed the route. He has acted so beautifully in this song. GV Prakash-Ivana pairing is good. Bharathiraja was the main reason for me to have come to this event . Bharathiraja Sir is also a wonder to be protected. Vetrimaran deserves to sit next to Bharathiraja. He is my favorite director. The name Shankar has elephant-like grandeur. Hats off to the director and crew of that name!”

Editor San Lokesh said, “Thanks to the producer and director for giving me a chance. Everyone likes the movie as a family. Watch the movie on April 4”.

Producer Dhananjeyan said, “‘Kalvan’ is produced by Dilli Babu, who gave hit films like ‘Maragathananayam’ and ‘Ratchasan’. You will never see a multi-talented person like GV sir. The making is superb. Like ‘Naachiyar’ and ‘Love Today’, this film should be a hit for Ivana. My request is that Tamilnadu producers should act in films like big heroes give films to foreign producers. Hats off to GV Prakashu who continues to give opportunities to new producers in that regard!

Rajesh Khanna, the writer of the film, said, “I am happy to be a part of Bharathiraja’s film. I have enjoyed watching GV Sir’s performance in every film as ‘Naachiyar’. Hats off to director Shankar and producer Dilli Babu for the opportunity!”

Still Photographer Venkatram said, “I have made a portfolio for GV Prakash sir as a music composer 15 years ago. Now he is performing well as an actor. Congratulations to director Shankar too”

Director R.V. Udhayakumar said, “If you go into the forest and make a film, it is a successful film. Bharathiraja is the only director who gave a hit film with a disabled person. He is an inspiration to many. I have a request to the Central Government to honor him with Dada Saheb Phalke Award. ‘Kalvan’ will definitely be a hit”.

Producer Sathyajothi Thiagarajan said, “The trailer of the film is excellent. Congratulations to director Shankar. Like Ilayaraja, GV Prakash’s music will take the film to the next level. Surely he should see big hits as an actor in succession. Congratulations to ‘Love Today’ Ivana. I was thrilled after watching Bharathiraja sir’s performance in the movie ‘Thiruchitrambalam’. Excellent actor. His film ’16 Vaathinile’ was the reason I came to cinema. Congratulations to all the crew”.
Amma Creations T. Siva said, “I wanted to work as an assistant director with Bharathiraja sir. Bharathiraja said that he acted in the best film of his life – Kalvan. Since then I have been very interested in the film ‘Kalvan’. Thanks to producer Dilli Babu sir. The film should be a success”.

Shakti Film Factory Sakthivelan said, “We are happy that many legends of Tamil film industry have come together for this film. Beyond business, Dilli Babu sir has given me great support. Thanks to him. Everyone has worked on this film with full dedication. I am a big fan of Bharathiraja sir. I am looking forward to watching his performance in this film.”

Access Film Factory Producer Dilli Babu said, “There was a time when I went to see films for banners like Amma Creations, Satya Jyoti Films. Dhananjeyan sir is an encyclopedia of Tamil cinema. The film’s technicians are all great. “Climax shoot in Palakkad costed one and a half crores only for one week. Bharathiraja sir, GV Prakash and Ivana have all acted well in the film. We want it to be a success. If Bharathiraja sir’s biopic is made, then Vetrimaran should direct it and we will make it,” he said.

Actress Ivana said, “After ‘Naachiyar’, I am acting with GV Prakash. I didn’t really get to talk to him much. Now we are good friends. I am proud to act with Bharathiraja sir. Thanks to everyone who cooperated in the film. ‘Kalvan’ will definitely steal your hearts on April 4.” .

Actor Dheena said, “GV sir and Ivana have a lot of love scenes in this film. Director Shankar has done a great job. I learned a lot from this film”.

Director Shankar said, “Thank you to everyone who came for the film. Please watch the film and give your support”.

Director Vetrimaran said, “I have some connection with the film ‘Kalvan’. I cut all my hair and did a look test as I wanted Bharathiraja sir to play the role in the film. After I visited the location I thought he didn’t want to. Bharathiraja got angry with me for that. A few days later, he told me that he was going to make a film with me with the same hair. That is the movie ‘Kalvan’. They also shot ‘Kalvan’ in the same place where we shot ‘Viduthalai’. Shooting in the jungle is very difficult. The cinematographer knows how much of a challenge it must have been. Waiting for a film must have been more challenging for a director than others. There are many things that go back and restore hope.
Whether we make a film with our elephant or a dinosaur, the film will run only if the screenplay and story are good. GV is evolving as an actor. “Congratulations to the film crew,” he said.

Director Bharathiraja said, “Director Shankar is stubborn. I’m sure that stubbornness will prevail. He has a big place in cinema. I scolded Ivana one day. She is a talented actress. GV is a good music composer and an actor and a very good human being. Let’s see GV in another dimension. Ivana has done a great job. A great director like Vetrimaran is here. A happy thing to be”.

Actor GV Prakash said, “The real hero of this film is Bharathiraja sir. Myself and Dheena are the villains for him. He will definitely win a National Award for his performance in this film. We will treasure our time with him. We learned a lot from him. He and Raja sir are the grammar book, encyclopedia of Tamil cinema. .Director Shankar is very talented. You will understand that when the movie comes. Ivana, Dheena have acted well.Thanks to producer Dilli Babu sir, Sakthivelan sir. April 4th release date is also good day!
Watch and give your verdict!