‘La Villa’ gives you the experience of village life! – opened by actor KarthiPeaceful environment, healthy location, village food, pump set bath…! – Amazing ‘La Villa’ features’La Villa’ has become a natural paradise near Chennai! – opened by actor KarthiIn a fast-paced world, places like resorts where fast-moving people go to spend their vacations to unwind, are turning into bustling and peaceful places, a wonderful villa has opened near Chennai that offers a peaceful environment, beautiful landscape, healthy food and an un-artificial natural living experience.Designed to be a perfect blend of natural beauty and a tranquil base to experience village life, Laa Villa is spread across 6 acres of land at Kadambadi village on the road from Mahabalipuram to Thirukkalukkunram.Unlike the typical resort and villas, this villa has a total of three cottages and is designed with a completely rural backdrop. Named as ‘Dinai’, ‘Varagu’ and ‘Samai’, these cottages are designed in the style of old village houses and are equipped with the latest modern technology.Avoiding conventional swimming pools, pump set bathtubs are designed to give a village feel. Such pump set tubs will surely give a new experience to the people from the little ones to the adults who can enjoy bathing without any harm.Serving only South Indian cuisine, ‘La Villa’ cooks it in the village style and serves it in the same village style. The vegetarians produce their own organically grown vegetables on their farms and raise local chickens and goats for their non-vegetarian diet. Seafood such as fish, crab and prawns are also prepared in earthen pans and served without changing the earthen mind. Also, they serve our ancient healthy food like Small Grains, Kali, Varaku Rice Paniyaram, Mappillai Samba Soru.With more than a hundred mango trees and coconut trees all over the villa, La Villa always gives a cool feeling and is a perfect place to breathe healthy air.La Villa is not only a perfect place for a family vacation but also a perfect place for a healthy lifestyle with a peaceful environment that gives you the feeling of being in a natural village.It is not an exaggeration if ‘La Villa’, which is engaged in providing many more experiences to the customers in the future like bullock cart ride, Visayaam method, vegetable farms, is a way to restore such a life to those who have lost the village life and to give a new experience to those who have not enjoyed the glory of the village life.The opening ceremony of famous actress and producer Lalitha Kumari’s dream project ‘La Villa’ was held recently. In this, actor Karthi, who shows interest in organic farming and recognizes and honors farmers, inaugurated ‘La Villa’ as a special guest.For Booking Contact :-Laa Villa Resort9176454033