“Samanian will be a movie that will make even men cry”; Ramarajan Pride

“Ramarajan is there.. Where is the song?” ; Ilayaraja angry with Samanian director

“Little People Thilak” ; Director RV Udayakumar praises Ramarajan for ‘Samanian’

“It was Ramarajan’s hand that made me a director after struggling for 9 years”; KS Ravikumar

“The ‘ordinary’ Ramarajan, who has come from exile, is now baptized”; Director Empire

“Ramarajan was not the one who mounted the running horse.. He made many horses run” ; Director Empire

“Bhavadharani is the one who allowed me into the musician’s compound” ; Ordinary director Rakesh Leschi

‘Samanian’ is a film produced by V.Mathiyazhagan on behalf of Etsetra Entertainment, which produces good quality films. After a gap of almost ten years, ‘People’s hero’ Ramarajan is making a comeback in Tamil cinema as a hero with this film. Not only that. Musician Ilayaraja, who has been the pillar behind Ramarajan’s success in the film industry and has given his films timeless melodious songs, has now joined hands with Ramarajan after 23 years with ‘Samanian’.

Directed by director R.Rakesh, who directed the films Thambikottai, and the hidden mystery, the story is written by Karthik Kumar. Naxa Charan, Smriti Venkat and Aparnathy are playing the lead roles. Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Leo Sivakumar, Rajarani Pandian, Maim Gopi, Bose Venkat, Vinothini and others are playing the main roles. Arulselvan will handle the cinematography and Ramgopi will look after the editing. The stunts are designed by Mrittal Selva.

As the shooting is over and the post-production work has reached its final stages, the music launch of the film ‘Samanian’ was held at Kamala Theater in Chennai last evening. Directors KS Ravikumar, RV Udayakumar, Paramuru, Saravana Subpaiah and Robo Shankar were special guests along with the film crew including Nayagan Ramarajan.

Director KS Ravikumar said, “Rajini sir once mentioned to me about Ramarajan and said that he was afraid that he is competing with us after seeing his mass opening collection. When I worked as an assistant director for many years, the first film I worked on was a big hit, but it was Ramarajan’s ‘Raja Raja Dhan’, although I had worked on many films before that, it was Ramarajan who first told the start cut action. Produced by Rajkiran, I worked as an associate director in the film ‘Bethava Manasu’, written by Kasthuriraja and written by Kasthuriraja. As Ramarajan was the hero and director in that film, I directed the scenes in which he was acting by giving him the start action. That is my daughter Suzhi. After that, Rajkiran became a hero. Kasthuriraja became the director. I also became a director through an incomprehensible puzzle. From 1981 to 9 years when there was no Rasi environment, everything became sentimental for me through Ramarajan, a Rasi man. This is the bond between me and him.

When director Rakesh invited me to act in this film, I said that if Ramarajan is there, I am ready to act in a guest role one day. Don’t let anyone misunderstand him as to why he is acting like this. It was only after that accident that he became like this. If he is with us now, it is the grace of the Lord. He survived by the grace of God while all the people who were traveling with him in the car died in the accident. It is the grace of God that he is coming back today and singing in Ilayaraja’s music as the protagonist.

Ilayaraja did not come to this event.. There could be many reasons for that. A few days ago, a tragic incident took place in his house as well. Never mind… Ramarajan’s next film will also be composed by him, so let’s see then. Although I am not that close to Ilayaraja, when I worked on ‘Raja Raja Thaan’, Ilayaraja composed the music for that film. After that many years later when he directed a film called Sakthivel produced by AVM, Ilayaraja composed the music for it. For example, when I said that I wanted a song like this, I sang a Sami song called Kolavijiyamma from my previous film Purusha Lakshanam.

After that, when I came out, AVM Saravanan called me and it was Deva sir song. Why did you tell that to Ilayaraja, he scolded me fondly saying that both of them are rivals. Later in the afternoon when we sat down for another song, Raja sir asked what song are you going to say as inspiration for this song. I understood immediately. Then I remembered Ramarajan sir. I immediately asked if I wanted a song like Manguile Boongile. That’s how he composed a song called ‘Mallikai Motu Manasa Thotu’. That song was the biggest hit at that time

It’s still being enjoyed by fans till now. In all the events that happen in my life at various times, someone will come in.. He is Rama.. Ramarajan” he said.

Actress Vinothini said, “I am proud to have got a chance in this film where Ramarajan will be back on screen after 11 years. While shooting in an apartment near Poontamalli, there was an unexpected situation where it was not possible to continue shooting there, and immediately instead, director Rakesh arranged a similar place in Valasaravak and worked day and night without sleep for 72 hours to shoot the scenes. He is a director for a producer.”

Actor Robo Shankar said, “Me and Ramarajan Annan attended an award function together. I was announced for the Best Comedian Award and I received it from his hand when I didn’t know who was going to present it. They made fun of him for wearing colorful clothes that day. But the youth of today’s generation is wearing that dress as a trend,” he said.

Actress Naxa Saran said, “The first film I acted in my life was ‘Samanian’. It was a great pleasure for me to play the lead role as Ramarajan’s daughter in this film. MS Pasr and Radharavi guided me throughout the film. Thanks to them.. Just hearing Ilayaraja Sir’s name creates a positive vibe. I consider myself blessed to have acted in his music in my first film. My thanks to the director Rakesh and the producer Mathiazhagan for giving a very compelling and deep character in the first film.”

Director Saravana Subbiah said, “Producer Mathiyalagan is making two more films. If you give this film a huge hit, you will continue to travel as a big producer. Likewise director Rakesh is a skilled technician. His approach to this film was very fresh. This is my fourth film with the music of musician Ilayaraja. No film is complete without a magical movement. After 25 years, Musician and Maklak Nayak came together, the reason why Ramarajan is back on screen after 15 years, and the reason why director Rakesh is directing this film again after 7 years is because of the film’s script. While talking to me, Rakesh said, you as a citizen should congratulate this common man. Samaniyan himself is a citizen.. In this film Ramarajan is given the name Sankar Narayanan instead of his usual village name. Although the story writer Karthik Kumar says that he wrote it with his grandfather’s name in mind, director Rakesh’s reason for keeping it in the film will be clear when you see it.

Talking about the hero Leo Sivakumar, “When the teaser release of this film took place in D. Nagar, I went there with my friend to see Ramarajan sir. After noticing me, the producer Mathiazhagan called me after a few days saying that he had an important role in the film. I grew up listening to Ilayaraja’s songs as a child and I feel very proud when I think that he is writing a song looking at my face today.

Actor MS Bhaskar said, “From the time I dubbed for Ramarajan’s ‘Solai Pushpamangal’ to today when I co-starred in this film, Ramarajan is a person who can get along with everyone. I have a small wish. It will be fulfilled. To be fulfilled.. The crowd that can be here now should also be present at the 100th day celebration of this film. I pray that this film goes beyond that like Karakatakkaran. Ramarajan should act again without a break. He said that the title of people’s hero is only for him…no one can take it.”

Director RV Udayakumar said, “Actor Ramarajan is a natural actor as his mind is. I regret that I could not direct Ramarajan. At the time I directed the film, I unexpectedly bought Rajini’s Dharmathin Thalaivan as a distributor. But due to some reasons it got postponed. Then Rama Narayanan told me that he will give me a Ramarajan film instead and release it. There was an idea to release Ramarajan’s film instead of Rajini’s. So I couldn’t buy it. That film is Karakatkaraan. The film collected almost several crores of rupees. But Rajini bought the film and released it and I got a huge boost. Ramaraja’s mind is softer than a flower. Truly this is the people’s tilak. Ramarajan was the one who tried to turn all the people he loved into producers and succeeded in that,” he said

Director Prameradu said, “Everyone said that Ramarajan’s exile is over. After the exile, it is the consecration. Baggage Yan has prepared for a christening. Among the fans who only praised actresses like Nadia Bangal and Khushboo Itli, it was Ramarajan who made an actor like Ramarajan Sathai popular. He and I have some similarities. Director Rama Narayanan and Thenandal Films are Guru Nathar and Mother House for me and him. He has a town sign and I have a town sign..Nowadays, if two films are released, they say that they will not give call seat not only to new companies, but to Tamil companies as well. But even though Ramarajan became a big actor, he preferred small producers and directors who worked as his assistants. Only he has such a mind. Ramarajan is not a person who gets on a running horse.. He has made many horses run.. If he has recovered from his accident and is sitting this far, it is because of his mind and his fans.. Ramarajan’s identity in Tamil film industry is like an inscription. “It will never disappear,” he said.

Director Rakesh said, “Samanian is a film where musician and people’s hero come together after 23 years. I have had the privilege of directing it. A regulation came only a few years ago that censor cards should be placed as smoking is illegal. But since the time he started acting, Ramarajan has kept a red card in his heart that he will not smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. We have shot this film in an environment full of challenges. It is your duty to take this to the table and take it anywhere. Ramarajan has 100 times more energy to run the camera than when the film started. He is a representative of the common people. The shirt he is wearing can be colored. His mind is always white.. Faith and gratitude is Ramarajan..

Sometimes I am angry that actress Naksa gets too many tags in the shoot. But she learned everything carefully and molded herself and now she has become an actress who acts in more films. The producer of this film Mathiazhagan was to act in a minor role. But Ramarajan said that it will not be right, cast another actor instead. When the shoot was in Madurai, Dindukalla Leoni sir came to the shoot to watch his son Leo Siva perform. When I asked about my son’s acting, he said nothing about acting and he is acting properly.. I asked you not to spoil it by saying anything sir. MS Bhaskar pretended to hold his breath and sink into a 20-foot water tank to make a scene natural. KS Ravikumar was an actor and a great director but he became a production manager in the shooting of this film and was instrumental in completing the shoot quickly. Once Radharavi sir comes to the set, there will be some kind of peace. So when we shoot with a lot of actors, we somehow buy his ticket and bring him.

This program is not going on normally here.. I and the producer are under huge pressure from the producer union that they have complained that the story of this film is someone else’s.. If we apply for censor certificates for trailer and teaser, someone has already registered the title as Samanian and has obtained a court order and given it there. We broke all of that and submitted to the court that we have proof of the common title and got the censor certificate for the trailer and teaser within 48 hours. The story of this film is present in everyone’s life.. We have created it in a touching way along with feelings.. For this we have worked for six months with the team including Nanda Periyasamy. It hurts my heart when someone tells me that the story is mine after spending so much money on the film. Every minute was a struggle.

Adding more glory to this film is the music by the musician. It was his songs that brought the people’s hero Ramarajan to Pattithotti everywhere.. I took a short film called ‘Ammu’ and stopped at his door everyday looking for a musician to compose music for it. He was busy and couldn’t see. But Bhavadharani, who observed this daily, called me one day and asked me for details. When he said that father is busy, I asked him if he likes this film, then at least compose the music. When I met him two days later, I asked him if he liked it.. My mother likes this film more than me.. He told me that you should compose the music. That film ‘Ammu’ composed by Bhavadharani won me a Gold Medal in the Tamil Nadu Government Film category.

Later I was not able to meet Ilayaraja sir but through this common man I not only got a chance to meet him but also got a chance to work with him. Even then Bhavadharani asked me sarcastically that you have somehow caught your father. In that way, Bhavadharani was the one who allowed me into this compound. But today he is not. Raja sir got a little angry with me saying that there are no songs other than the montage song in this film, if Ramarajan and I are together, the fans will expect the songs themselves. After watching the full movie, he told me that there is space for two songs in this movie. He himself wrote and composed a wonderful song and said that Ramarajan should be filmed singing it anyway. It is the song that is the strongest side of the film before the climax. Everyone carry this common man on their shoulders.

Talking about Dindigul I Leoni said, “I am the biggest fan of people’s hero Ramarajan. After MGR, Ramarajan is famous for dressing colorfully and performing in song scenes. My son Leo Sivakumar has acted in the films Mamanithan and Azhaya Kanne. After that he got this mediocre film to give him a re-entry. I request you to give him your support.”

People’s leader Ramarajan said, “In 2010, I met with a huge accident while leaving a meeting. It would be correct to say that I got away with hair loss. It was like a wonder of the world that I would recover from it and act in such a film. Because it is the prayer of my fans and the people of Tamil Nadu.. I have never done anything to these fan clubs either. But they love me enough to lay down their lives for me.

Director Rakesh has made this film with a wonderful screenplay that suits me today and forever. I watched the trailer and songs as a technician. Don’t advertise it.. Ramarajan’s film has lakhs of people to watch it.. The screenplay of this film means that every person born in the world cannot go through this. Such a wonderful story. It is such a story that not only mothers, but also my fans and men are moved to tears after watching the film. Director Rakesh has directed so beautifully. I thought Raja Annan would come today. I feel a little sad because he didn’t come. Even in these 23 years, if I am called Ramarajan, Ilayaraja’s song is what keeps me alive. They say that they are listening to Ilayaraja and Ramarajan songs in many places today.

While KS Ravikumar is here, I want to talk about a few things.. KS Ravikumar worked as an assistant director under director E. Ramadoss in the film I acted in Raja Raja Than. As I have worked as an assistant director in 40 films, I am amazed to see KS Ravikumar’s ability to pull off all the work. After that he worked as a co-director with me in the film ‘Bethava Manasu’ which I acted and directed. KS Ravikumar is the one who made me think that truth, gratitude and loyalty are not dead in cinema.

I gave eight consecutive 100-day films while Karakatakkaran was running for 465 days. Raja Annan asked me if you are giving the film without Patte in this film. I was not given any pair in this film. For me, the pair is MS Bhaskar and Radharavi Annan. But in the next film Jodi also needs a song.. Even now I will bring you a film with six songs and I will make it for you, Raja sir said. No other composer has achieved the global fame that Ilayaraja has achieved so far. Can’t get anymore.

That mother who sent her three sons to Chennai for music is not Chinnatai. Everyone knows that. But if Annan Ilayaraja plays the harmonium, Bombay will dance. They will say that they did not give songs to another hero like they did to me. I will even say that Raja sir did not give me songs like I gave to Rajini sir. But that one song “Even if it’s heaven, will it come like our town” is enough for me. I was the only Tamil actor who went to Singapore and acted in Vetti Katti.. We used to take a bullock cart with us to Singapore. Not allowed on the plane.

After acting in 44 films, the 45th film was dragging. But the movie Samanian came to me at the right time,” he said.

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