Produced by JSB Film Studios, written and directed by JSB Satish, Shilpa Manjunath and Aarti starrer “Singapenne” is a girl child sports based film. The press meet and screening event of the soon-to-be-released film was held yesterday in the presence of the film crew and media friends.

In this event…

Producer Director JSB Satish said
After three years of struggle, we have made the film. A beautiful creation focused on sports. There were many difficulties in making the film. Real national level competitions are coming in the film. We contacted the officials to pick it up and waited for the actual game to take place and film it. I waited 5 months for her to play a true sportswoman. His parents gave full cooperation for the film. The entire film will be live. Aarti indeed won the gold medal in that national match. It comes across in the film too, and when you see it, you won’t believe it. It will be so true. Watch the movie and share your thoughts. I hope you will bring good comments about the film to people, thank you.

Actor Prem said..
Lioness says a lot in the title. The director has told a wonderful story with a real athlete. In the film, he talked about how the sports industry is today, the politics in it and how this little girl is winning. Actress Shilpa has also given a good performance. Swimming unites your life, it teaches life and in general all parents should support girls who want to learn the sport. Only then will everyone become a lioness. The director has made the film based on many true events. Thank you for the success of the film.

Actor Sendrayan said..
The director has given me a huge role in the film. Thank you for acting well. The film has a very good screenplay and like Manjummal Boys, the film will be a big hit. The director has also played me in the film. The movie has come out very well thanks to everyone watch the movie and make it a success.

Music composer Kumaran Sivamani said..
My thanks to everyone who came to congratulate me. The director first called me and asked me to compose music for the film. I didn’t have any idea of making the film, but I made this film because of his encouragement. To me, a lioness is my mother. She is a complete lioness. Thank you that this lioness movie will be a hit for everyone.

Actress Shilpa Manjunath said..
Glad to be back in front of you and for a Tamil film. Who was the lioness when the director told the story? I asked. He said listen to the story and you will know. After listening to the story, I understood that the story is about the lioness. Every home has a lioness and this is a film about such a lioness. The director said it will take six months to tell the whole story. I immediately agreed as I liked the concept of the film. I thought they would make a sheet on the set of the movie, but they did actual matches and shot it like that. Aarti worked very enthusiastically, without a single rest. I was amazed to see him. I learned a lot from this movie. We don’t talk a lot about women’s sports and we need a place for that here. Everyone should support. This film will talk about that. Thank you for your support.

Sports star Aarti said..
There are many people to thank at this point. Usually all parents ask me to study, no get married, but my parents asked me to play. I am the player I am today thanks to their support. I don’t know how Satish sir chose me for this film. At first I thought it would be a small role. But he did talk about a possible role in the film. It was a huge surprise for me and my parents. They took great pains to shoot every scene with me. The director has made a very beautiful film. Thanks to the director for giving me such an opportunity. Everyone gave me tremendous support in the film. Shilpa madam told me everything. The film is a film that tells the truth about the heroines. Thank you for supporting the film.

Director Bhagyaraj said..
My best wishes to the director Satish and the team who have produced and directed a film with the aim of giving inspiration to the mothers and women with real lionesses like this. My best wishes to Arthi and his parents. To all the artists who worked on the film My best wishes. It seems that the film has been shot very hard. They have brought the real game and shown it. It seems that the film editor must have suffered a lot. Journalists should bring such a good picture to the people. Satish looked terrifically fit and also acted in the film. He has the talent to be a good hero. My best wishes to him. I liked Shilpa’s speech. He said the hardships of film are the hardships of real sports, my best wishes to him. Music composer Kumaran Sivamani got his music from his father, whose father has kept his name. My best wishes to him and my best wishes to all thank you.

Kapilan Vairamuthu’s dialogues, cinematography by N. K. Ekambaram, cinematography by K. L. Praveen and music by Kumaran Sivamani, son of Drums Sivamani, are excellent.

Aarthi, the most important character of the film, is a real athlete who has won many times at the national level in the swimming cycling running competition called Triathlon.

In this movie, the heroine Shilpa Manjunath plays the role of Aarti’s Kochhar. Deepak Nambiar, the grandson of late legendary villain actor M.N. Nambiar, has made his debut as a villain in the film. Basanga Sivakumar, A. Venkatesh, Senrayan, Prem, Boyz Rajan, Janaki, Indumati are the star cast along with them. Importantly, director and actor Samuthirakani has played an important role in the film.