Year after year, the world claims to honor and celebrate Women’s Day, but is this truly the reality?

A 9 year old girl child who was missing then was found strangled to death wrapped in a sack and thrown into a drain a hands and legs retired and she was raped.

Is this celebration of a girl or a woman in an age of innocence where she doesn’t even know what it is to be a woman. She was broken raped and her beautiful life was taken away from her I thought we lived in a society fill with human beings but this incident makes me realise that there are bees and animals among us.

I am an actress a well known personality in society people think I’m bold and strong but do you know how many times these kind of things are forced on me or my colleagues.

We are constantly on the run to protect ourselves from these beasts. In a society that has grown so much women are suppressed disgraced and branded. The question is why and sadly no one knows the answer.

How long are we going to keep quiet how long is this going to prolong? We need to voice out we need to speak out enough is enough we need to do something we need to protect our gender. As a citizen of my country.

I request each and every one to take responsibility and voice out, and to take responsibility and shout out people should be scared to think of such things anymore.

I strongly condemn this incident or tragedy that happened at Puducherry and pass on my sincere condolences. I pray to God that the family will find peace with time and may that tender innocent child’s soul Rest in Peace.

Thanking you

Sona heiden