2nd Nerolac Paint Tamil Nadu State Ranking Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2024! – Mahipal Singh won the title of championState Level Tenpin Bowling Tournament 2024 – Mahipal Singh wins second title by defeating AnandVJ Anjana gifted the title to Mahipal Singh who won the Tamil Nadu State Ranking Ten Pin Bowling TournamentMahipal Singh defeated his opponent Anand Babu (399-394) to win the final of the 2nd Nerolac Paint Tamil Nadu State Ranking Tenpin Bowling Tournament held at LetsBowl Centre, Duraipakgam, Chennai.Anand Babu trailed Mahipal Singh by a slim margin of one pin in the finals, played on aggregate pinfalls over the two matches. In the 2nd match, Mahipal beat Anand by 4 pins to win his second title of the year by a narrow margin of 5 pins (399-394).Earlier in the day, top seed Mahipal Singh defeated fourth seed Akramulla Baig (389-352) by 37 pins in a two-match knockout in the first semi-final played on aggregate pinfall basis over two matches. Also, in the second semi-final, third seed Shabeen Dhanko (427-371) defeated Anand Babu by 56 pins to enter the final.The top four bowlers advance to the knockout round based on cumulative pinfalls over 18 matches. Mahipal Singh made a brilliant comeback in the 3rd round, completing the pack and finishing brilliantly.With an average of 220.17 in 18 matches, Anand Babu (215.11), Shabir Thankot (211.67) and Akramullah Baig (199.56) are next. Mahipal Singh hit a brilliant block in the 3rd round with 1408 runs in 6 matches.Special Prizes:Highest average in 6 matches : Mahipal Singh (234.67)Highest average after 18 matches : Mahipal Singh (220.17)Famous TV host VJ Anjana Rangan was the special guest at the prize giving ceremony of the competition and gave prizes to the winners.