Rahman sir’s music keeps conveying that Dil also has a feeling when he is there. I am excited to see the film on the big screen. Thanks”.

Actor Jimmy Jean Lewis said, “I am happy to have acted in this film. It was a great adventure. Director Blessy and actor Prithviraj have given their soul to this film. Rahman sir has given amazing music. You will love the film too”.

Music director Rahman said, “I thought this film would be over soon when I agreed. But it’s been six years. Prithviraj is a different level actor in this film. Blessy has given great direction. Some people asked me, ‘Will this film be like ‘Marion’?”. Marion’ is fiction. But this is a true story. The book ‘Adujeevidam’, the story of this film, has sold lakhs of copies. That means there is something in it. Watch the film and find out what it is”.

Director Blessy said, “I think this film should speak more than I talk about this film. I haven’t seen a man like Rahman sir in the last 20, 25 years. Because when I started this story, I didn’t have a big production company or anything. Just the depth of the character Najeeb. Rahman sir came into this film understanding that. He has been traveling for this film since 2017. Thanks for his dedication. Prithviraj is like my younger brother now. As he said, he has seen many things in these 16 years like marriage, child, producer. But this film He is still as involved as he was from the beginning. Cinematographer Sunil has brought the film to the screen more than I thought. Jimmy has also acted well. Many people in our south India have gone to many places like Saudi, Kuwait and suffered hardships. They have achieved achievements and earned money. This film will be connected to all of them. This story is that no matter how much hardship and stress we face in our life, if we have some faith inside, we can definitely see success in our life. Watch the movie and support”.