Produced by Vijay Antony Film Corporation, Red Giant Movies has acquired the Tamil Nadu theatrical rights of Meera Vijay Antony’s ‘Romeo’. The movie ‘Romeo’ is slated to release this year during the festival of Ramzan. Directed by Vinayak Vaidyanathan, Vijay Antony and Mrinalini Ravi play the lead roles in ‘Romeo’. The film also stars Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Thalivasal Vijay, Illasasu, Sudha, Sreeja Ravi and many other talented actors in lead roles. A press conference was held.Sound Design Vijay Ratnam, “This is my 10th film with Vijay Andani. Thank you Vijay sir for giving me opportunities. Watch the film and support me”.Sound Mixing & Mastering Rahmadullah, “This is my 10th film with Vijay Antony sir. It’s not a typical story, it’s super. We hope you like it”.Costume designer Shimona Stalin said, “The work was as much fun as the film. Watch the film and support”.Stunt master Murali said, “This is my second film with Vijay Antony sir after ‘Hitler’. Vethala song is super. It’s sure to be a hit. Vinayak is familiar to me from before. He is talented. I have no doubt that this film will be a hit for sure. Thank you”.Choreographer Azhar said, “Vijay Antony sir is always special to me. Thank you Vijay Antony and Vinayak for giving me the opportunity. Watch the film and enjoy”.Editor Vicky said, “Bharath, Vinayak and I are all three friends. The film has come out well under Vijay Antony sir’s direction. Vinayak has also shown his talent in the film”.Actor Thalivasal Vijay said, “I am happy to be a part of the blockbuster film. This film will definitely bring a big change to Vijay Antony. He is so good. Vijay Antony has overcome great adversity with his strength of mind and is doing his work. I respect that mentality. Will my character in the film be liked by today’s generation?” I don’t know. Director Vinayak never leaves me until he gets what he wants. He is so talented. The Vethala song is a super hit. It’s a pleasure to act in the film.”Music composer Bharat Dhanasekhar said, “I started my musical journey as a drummer five years ago. From a young age, I used to go to keyboard, tabla and piano classes every day. It seems that I don’t even get time to play. But it is the music that keeps me standing on this stage. My mother, father, sister-in-law Thanks to all my friends. Like them, the movie ‘Romeo’ became the best. We composed the Chellakkali song first in this movie. After listening to the song, Vijay Antony sir said that he liked it. The movie has eight songs. There will be many genres in it. We have collaborated with many artists for the song. Vijay in my music. Antony sir has sung a song. The song will be released soon. Vinayak will not be satisfied no matter what work he does. This film has turned out super. Vijay Antony, Mrinalini Ravi have all acted super. Thanks to everyone who worked in the film. This film was a great learning for me as far as music is concerned. Come and watch this movie in theaters for Ramzan”.Associate director Vaidyanathan said, “I have been working as an associate director with many directors such as GM Kumar and Rajkapur for more than 30 years. I am happy that my son Vinayak has got the opportunity to direct through Vijay Antony sir. After reading his son’s story, he sent a message saying, ‘The story is a bumper hit. Another ‘beggar’ in my life. I was very happy. The film turned out to be good entertainment. I’m sure you will like it”.Producer Dhananjeyan, who was a special guest, said, “I saw Vethale song yesterday. I liked it very much. I have never seen Vijay Antony in a film who is as hot as he was in the bottle. Many people wanted to see him in such a funny way. It has been fulfilled. No matter how many obstacles come in life, how to overcome it. Vijay has to learn that from Antony. He is a very dedicated person. When life faced a big challenge, he went to shoot on the second day. He is an inspiration not only to me but to many of us. The team has come with the hope that the film will be a blockbuster hit. Congratulations to all”.Actress Mrinalini Ravi said, “‘Romeo’ film will be the biggest turning point in my life. I see it as a responsibility rather than a film opportunity. The director never called me Mrinalini. He used to call me Leela. He is so united with the story. Vijay Antony sir is a multi-tasking person. Many things look at him. In this film I did dubbing for the first time! I’m tired. I personally relate to this story. Thalivasal Vijay sir has played the role of a strict father to me. Thanks to all the crew. Watch the movie for Ramzan”.Director Vinayak Vaidyanathan said, “The story is about how a woman should see a man as a husband as a lover. The inspiration for that is my mother. Thanks to her. I got a call from Vijay Antony sir when I was waiting for opportunities. After watching my film, he spoke in such detail. If there is a story, tell me. Love. When we decided to make a story, everyone said no. That’s when I got the confidence to do this. This is not a typical love story. ‘Romeo’ is the love that a successful man misses in his life. There are many surprises in the story. In this story, we are told how to approach the woman who comes into his life. Thank you to all the crew. We searched for a year for heroine Leela. After seeing Mrinalini’s photo we talked to her. She also liked the story. Vijay Antony sir taught me direction in ‘Picchaikaran’. I got to know him personally at that time. You can see his real face funny in this. All the emotions in life are in the film. Knowledge- You will definitely like Leela. Thanks to all the crew”.Actor Vijay Antony said, “This platform is a joy. I am happy that we have introduced a talented director like Vinayak. A good girl with Mrinalini character. We thought of creating gossip about us to promote the film. But nothing worked out. I have acted in a romantic film for the first time. A girl. The story is about how she bullies a man and how the male society tolerates this. You can definitely watch the film with your family”.