Produced by Axess Film Factory

Cinematography & Direction – P. V. Shankar

Cast – G. V. Prakash Kumar, Bharathiraja, Ivana, Dheena etc

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 142 Minutes

Rating – **1/2

Lensmen turning into filmmakers is certainly no new phenomenon!Since the fifties, B. S. Ranga, A. Vincent, Nivas, P. C. Sreeram, Jeeva, K. V. Anand, Balu Mahendra, Thangar Bachan etc have carved a niche for themselves both as am Lensmen as well as Filmmakers.Whether P. V. Shankar who has just joined the bandwagon would qualify to be classified at par is the billion dollar question!For all the pre-release hype it created, neither the script nor the execution demands a definite mention.

G. V. Prakash Kumar, the composer turned actor seems to be having a good innings as he is seen on the screen, film after film, week after week!He just fills the bill, here.Ivana has no much scope in the proceedings and fades into the backdrop without nothing much to do!

Dheena as the friend of the protagonist is convincing but his attitudinal change in the second half are less convincing.The Sathyamangalam forest locales have been explored meticulously.Revaa ‘ s background score is upbeat while songs tuned in by GVP are passable.

The plot is pivoted around two small time petty thieves (GVP & Dheena) whose ambition in life is to enjoy but the former’ s life takes a twist when he falls for the charms of a nursing student (Ivana) and further twists are tweeted in with the arrival of an old man (Director Bharathiraja, good enactment) who, in course of time, tends to play a pivotal role in the life of the protagonist.A predictable climax sets in to source out a happy ending!

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