Produced by –Yoodlee Fims & Sunny Wayne Productions

Directed by –Liju Krishna

Cast- Nivin Pauly,  Aditi Balan, Shammi Thilagan, Indrans, Shine Tom Chacko, Vijayaraghavan , Sunny Wayne etc

Rating – ***

Set in the backdrop of Northern Kerala, the film takes stock of the happenings in that neighbourhood in the backdrop of a political party!

Shot almost in entirety in Maloor in Kannur district which happens to be the birth place of the filmmaker, the film involved the presence and performance of the villagers who were given a crash course in acting!

While the protagonist is still fighting his inner battles (the title could be interpreted as a battle!), new issues spring up i8n his life in the form of a local politician, a cut throat opportunist who knows the knack of presenting things that happen naturally as being his designs!

The protagonist (Nivin Pauly) and the antagonist come to cross swords which eventually initiate the former to crusade the cause of the locals as he launches a battle against the latter!

Nivin Pauly doesn’t move about like a hero but like a commoner hailing from that land!

Shammi Thilagan cut a neat cameo as the villain.

Aditi Balan is in her natural self.

Deepak D. Menon’s cinematography lays bare the virgin beauty of the land!

Govind Vasantha has struck the right note through his absorbing score.

Watch this for its sheer simplicity of the script and the maker’s sincerity in presenting it!