Produced by-RFI Films

Directed by-VRR

Cast- Srijeet, Eereen Adhikary, Sayaji Shinde, Ravi Kale & Virendra Saxena

Barring a few films as Lawrence Raghavendra’s ‘Kanchana’, not many films have so far been made about Trans-genders!

Here is one that deliberates on that aspect that too effectively.

A Minster’s brother misbehaves with girls whomsoever he comes across, whenever and wherever causing nuisance!

The film’s heroine too almost becomes a victim but the hero comes to her rescue…

In course of time, she expresses herself to him but he declines her offer owing to some unknown reasons!

Evidently, there is a back story to supplement his denial.

How things get wrapped up is the thrilling rest.

The composer and cinematographer have contributed well to keep the proceedings alive!