Produced by-Team A Ventures

Scripted and Helmed by -Amudhavan

Cast-Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, Paavana, Esther Anil, Aadukalam Naren, Ponmudi, Jaikumar, Sheeba etc


Legalizing prostitution and insisting upon sex education at schools for those below 18 years of age -these two are the primary messages communicated through this flick that lays focus on too many other issues, both political and social!

As the screenplay unfolds, the scenes and sequences keep shifting its focus from one issue to another while the fundamental fabric is centered around a girl who gets victimized by 5 men while retuning home one night!

The police-political nexus too is elaborated in a detailed manner explaining how police officials become a puppet in the hands of a few selfish politicians who resort to unethical means and measures for their own benefits and advantages!

Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar plays the head of an investigating official of the Human Rights Commission who traces and tracks the real culprits behind the rape and attempted murder of an enterprising girl who gets victimized. A good show by her, so to say!

Paavana as the victim is adequate but her final talk seems like a lecture.

Aadukalam Naren as the father of the girls has executed himself well without going overboard in emotions.

The film offers a few good thoughts to ponder over…