Lizzy Antony is the first Tamil actress to win ‘The Phenomenal She’ award

Lizzy Antony is the first Tamil actress to win the 100 Outstanding Women Award

The Indian National Bar Association (INBA) has been awarding ‘THE PHENOMENAL SHE’ award to 100 outstanding women every year since 2018 to honor exceptional women who have achieved in every field in India.

Indian National Bar Association (INBA) Counsel and Supreme Court Advocate Ms. It was started in 2018 by Vinaksi Kathan. The purpose of these awards is to encourage and honor women who have achieved in various fields in the country.

In the list for this award which has been given for the last four years, applications are received from Padma Shri Awardees, Honorable High Court Judges, IAS, IPS Officers, Lawyers, Members of Parliament, CEOs of 500 Leading Companies, Big Businessmen, Journalists and people from various fields and one hundred of them are selected every year. The award is given.

Every year, a book called ‘THE PHENOMENAL SHE’ containing the details of the awardees is also published. In this way, in the year 2023 ‘THE PHENOMENAL SHE’ (THE PHENOMENAL SHE) award ceremony with the release of the 5th edition was held today (March-11).

This year, Delhi High Court Judge Rekha Palli, Punjab and Haryana High Court Judge Lisa Gill, Rajya Sabha Member Dr. Sasikala Pushpa Ramasamy, Padma Shri Awardee Dr. Soma Ghose, Padma Shri Wattsava, IAS Officer Soumya Sharma, State Adivasi Welfare Minister Ms. Renuka Singh and many others. These awards were presented to the women achievers from the fields. It is noteworthy that this time actress Lizzy Antony has received this unique female award for the first time from Tamil Nadu.

Lizzy Antony, who made her acting debut in the Tamil film industry in 2011 with the film Dhonga Nagar, has since acted in many notable roles in films including Thanga Meenal, Paranbu, Natodidhis 2, Neetikan, Sivaranjani and some other women. A few months ago, he played a brave and courageous character in the films Katta Kusti, Rangi, and the recently released Puppet Nayaki.

Indian National Bar Association (INBA) with the support of exceptional women, every year promotes women leadership and provides free legal aid and guidance to the victims of the country. It was exciting and a recognition of that.