Team PS1 has been nominated in 6 categories at the Asian Film Awards.
The event is taking place right now in Hong Kong. It is a very prestigious event. The magnum opus PS1 has been produced by Mr.Subaskaran of Lyca Productions and Mr.Mani Ratnam of Madras Talkies.

Eka Lakhani (nominated for best costume design), Sreekar Prasad (nominated for best editing), Ravi Varman (nominated for best cinematography) are in Hong Kong along with Mr.Siva Ananth (executive producer of Madras Talkies) and Mr.Tamil Kumaran (Head of Lyca Productions). PS1 has also been nominated for Best Film.

Mr.Thota Tharrani and Mr.A.R. Rahman have also been nominated for best production design and for best original music respectively.

PS2 is slated for release on April 28th 2023!