A case ends with a word ‘D3’

‘D3’ is a story about how one word is enough to end a case.

Various accidents, cross-continental film ‘D3’

A suspense thriller film titled ‘D3’ has been made with actor Praj in the lead role. The film is written and directed by Balaji. Produced by Manoj S on behalf of Bhimas Entertainment.

Manikandan P.K. He has done the cinematography. He is the cinematographer of Hansika Motwani starrer ‘Man’. Sreejith Edawana has composed the music. He is famous on Instagram ‘Is the mind a boiler?’ The song is composed by Art Direction – Jayaseelan, Stunt – Rambo Vimal, Cinematography by Raja Arumugam.

The film is slated to release on March 17.

When asked about the film, director Balaji said,

“The story of the film is that every person who commits a crime leaves a trace at the crime scene. So in the story of this film, a criminal leaves only one word at the crime scene. The police sniff the trail of the crime in search of the reason for that word. The story is about identifying the culprits and solving the case.The film is creatively made into a serial, the first 2 parts of which will release soon.

The shooting of D3 has gone through various stages of trials and hurdles. On the day when the fight scenes started during the shooting, the car driven by hero Brajin crashed into a tree. The film was mostly shot during the Covid era.
Then 10 people from the film crew got infected with Covid. This film is made beyond that.

The shooting is going on and taking many precautions like face mask, disinfectant, heat check,” he said.

This film has been created by the collective efforts of the youth who have a dream in their eyes. Hits the screens on March 17.