Produced by-Abi & Abi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Presented by Zee 5

Written and Wielded by-S.R.Prabhakaran

Cast-Vani Bhojan, Kalaiarasan, Sharath Lohitstashwa, Viji Chandrasekar, Shali Nivekas, Pavan, Manasa Radhakrishnan, Prem, Pooja Vaidyanathan etc.

S.R. Prabhakaran whose films showcase powerful contents has come up with a gripping drama of wits depicting power play in local politics.

Taking a cue from the State politics, he has woven a clean and neat political drama the proceedings set around a large family whose members have occupied the chair, since long!

Sivagnanam (Sharath Lohitstashwa) who is crippled and his confined to his wheel chair is still active in manipulating and moves his coins tactfully! His son, Rajamanickam (Pawan), a widower, is currently the Chairman of that District who is also as active as his dad.

Suriyakala (Vani Bhojan) gets married to Raja Manikkam but not before long, Rajamanickam dies in a car accident which is believed to have been plotted by some unknown sources, their identities kept under tight wraps!

Soon, Surya takes charge and goes about her commitments in an effective manner, even much to the displeasure of Sivagnanam and the others in his family.

As a parallel track, Rayar (Kalaiarasan) and his two brothers are on the run after having committed a couple of murders!

Enters Nachiyaar (Shali Nivekas), Rayars sister who walks extra miles to assist Suryakala in her social endeavors.

Unexpectedly, Suryakala too meets with a drastic death as an outcome of a blast.

It is now time for Nachiyaar to take over the reins but as the web series unfolds we see Rayar trying to track down the killers.

When he catches hold of a powerful political bigwig who is an associate of the local M.L.A., Ganesamoorthy (Vela Ramamoorthi), Rayar is in for a rude shock!

Further, Sivagnanam is updated about the identity of the killers of his son, Rajamanickam, by a senior police official, which too, stands out as a rude shock!

Certain portions of this web series remind us of certain sequences from Manirathnam’s Chekka Sivandha Vaanam, especially, the family feud sequences.

It is but an undeniable fact that most of the main characters in the film resemble real life characters in the State politics and the director deserves kudos for his guts!

Shali Nivekas’s character has been shaped quite well and she is so homely and spontaneous.

One of the best offerings on the Zee 5 platform.