Tamil cinema operating on commission basis – ‘Jambu Maharishi’ movie producer director Balaji public accusation

The movie ‘Jambu Maharishi’ is produced by producer Balaji on behalf of TVS Films. Balaji, ‘Dato’ Radha Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, ‘Baahubali’ Prabhakar and others have acted in this movie. Bhuvaneswaran has composed the music for this film, which has cinematography by Bhagavathy Pala. Based on the life story of Siddha Jambu Maharishi, this film is being prepared in two languages, Tamil-Telugu, and the producers are Boo. Balaji and B. Co-produced by Thanalakshmi. The film has crossed various hurdles and will release in theaters across Tamil Nadu on 21st of this month.

In this case, the producer and director Balaji met the journalists in Chennai about th…
[8:00 pm, 19/04/2023] Gold: In the environment, the number of films that have been stopped with half of their shooting in Tamil cinema is more than a thousand… Similarly, there are more than a thousand films that have not been released after completing the work of the film and getting the censor certificate. Why should the producer pay lakhs of advance to the distributors? They explain it as commission. That is why I am sure that Tamil cinema is currently working on commission basis.

I have planned and promoted this movie for release on 31st March. But it didn’t release as only fewer theaters were confirmed. Currently I am working hard to release ‘Jambu Maharishi’ in 100 theaters on 21st April. I hope to win this time.

There was a problem on the set. During the fight scene, there was a conflict between the fight training director and the shoot was stopped. I was shooting for it, spending lakhs of rupees amid fierce protests. The fight training director had a problem and stopped the shoot. For this, producer association representative Kalaipuli S. After meeting Thanu and telling him the problem, he solved it. The shooting resumed. However I lost lakhs due to fight training director.

Similarly, the election for the Producers Association will be held soon. As a small budget producer.., I have a request for producers association too. Give small budget producers a list of distributors who work well…honestly.” said.