The story that was supposed to be a web-series turned into a short film due to the death of Mayilsamy-Directed by Rahul

Myalsamy’s last act in awareness short film ‘Vilambaram’

  • Those who act in advertisements should not betray the trust of the people; Directed by Perarasu
  • Even after passing away, Mayilswamy creates awareness; Chitra Lakshmanan mentioned

Actor Mayilsamy has earned a unique reputation in Tamil cinema for more than 35 years due to his comedy performance and his character of helping others. His sudden death last month came as a shock to everyone. In this case, before his death, he had played the lead role in a short film called Adram.

Directed by A. Rahul, this short film has Rekha Nair in another lead role. His father Ashokumar has produced this short film. Today the short film launch and press meet was held at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai.

In this along with the film crew, directors RV Udhayakumar, Perarasu, producer Chitra Lakshmanan and Mayilaswamy’s son Anbu participated as special guests and appreciated the short film crew and also shared their memories of actor Mayilaswamy.

When producer Ashokumar speaks,

“This is my son’s first attempt. After watching this short film, I felt satisfied that my son is also like me. I admire his bravery. It doesn’t matter if we don’t make any profit from this short film. This should reach the I have told them to bring this to them free of cost,” he said.

When actress Rekha Nair spoke

“The director never even saw me before acting in this short film. But it can be said that this film is a gift for me, who is constantly talking about social ills that should not harm people and animals. Advertisements have a huge impact on the public. So whoever acts in the ad does not need to blindly act without knowing its truth. We have a sixth sense.. use it to explore and act.. As for Maylswami, he thinks that he should help someone. When there was a huge flood in Chennai, he and I went in search of people and gave them food. Mylaswamy was the one who lived for the next person,” he said.

When Mayilsamy’s son Anbu spoke,

“Don’t hesitate how to bring this film to people. My Dad is the biggest advertisement for this film. My father would not even sit on the sets. He will keep going around.. He will show love to everyone. “What I have learned from my father’s life is to listen to what the elders say. Create your own memories,” he said.

When the director Perarasu spoke,

“If you make good people in your lifetime, that is the real wealth. Mayilsamy is the one who earned such good people. The deaths of SPB, Vivek, and others, including MAylaswamy, leave a huge impact and loss on us. It felt like a bereavement happened in our home.

MAylaswamy is not only a Shiva devotee but also an ardent MGR devotee. But he was faithful to both of them. All those who came to office as Chief Minister and Minister by mentioning MGR’s name forgot to mention his name later. But Mayilsamy lived and died as a true devotee of MGR until he died. Not only that, even in the last film he acted in, he acted as a way to make people aware. This short film director Rahul can sit for his chest as a director who said the necessary things to the society in the very first film.

Actors and actresses have to be responsible when acting in commercials. Because people trust you. First you need to check the authenticity of the ad you are playing. You have to try that product for a month first. It is a betrayal of trust to give something that is not right to people who trust us.

Producer Chitra Lakshmanan spoke as follows,

“This short film advertisement has been created to make a good point. This is a burning issue in the country right now. Before acting in a movie, you ask to give the entire script and after getting clarity about the story a…
Mayalsamy and I have been friends for 35 years since my first film Irakal Geetham. Since the inception of TV channels in 1993, at least four financial institutions have been wooing people with advertisements every year. Every year some financial institution cheats people. My request is to research and be aware of advertisements rather than trusting them,” he said.

When director A. Rahul spoke,

“We initially planned to make the film as a seven-episode web series. But on the second day after the shooting of the first part, Mylaswamy disappeared from this world. After this, we were hesitant for a few days as to how to proceed with this film. As a producer, my father advised me to release this as a short film and take it in front of people.…