Vimal starrer “Kulasamy” directed by Saravana Sakthi is gearing up for worldwide theatrical release on April 21

‘Kulasamy’, an action thriller, featuring Vimal and Tanya Hope in the lead roles, is produced by MIK Productions Private Limited, and is directed by Saravana Sakthi of ‘Billa Pandi’ and ‘Nayagan’ fame. The film ‘Kulasamy’ is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on April 21, and the entire crew along with few eminent personalities from the industry hosted the audio and trailer launch of this movie.

Director Saravana Sakthi said, “I thank Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi for writing dialogues for this film, which became a major attraction. Thiru. Jankit, one of the most respected and reputed police officers of Tamil Nadu as acted in this movie. Despite his busy schedules, director Ameer has made his presence here to support this movie. Suresh Kamatchi and I have been buddies for years. He has now become a great producer. I thank him for coming here. Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi has written wonderful dialogues for this movie. His involvement has added good value to this film. This film is now arriving amidst lots of challenges. I thank the entire team and everyone, who worked hard in shaping this movie. The film has a good message , and I request you all to support it. Thank You.”

Music Director Mahalingam said, “Both myself and producer belong to the same village. I started a YouTube channel out of passion, and producer after looking into it gave the opportunity to compose music for this film. I was initially reluctant to compose music as I felt this industry is huge, but the entire team gave me confidence. Director kept motivating me constantly. We are a new team, and I request everyone to support us. Thank You.”

Cinematographer Wide Angle Ravi said, “I started my career as a press photographer, and learned cinematography from P.C. Sriram sir. When Saravana Sakthi narrated the script, I could clearly visualize that it is going to be a fabulous film. Saravana Sakthi has directed this film in a perfect way. I wish the crew, a huge success.”

Producer Suresh Kamatchi said, “Both myself and director Saravana Sakthi are close friends. When I left abroad for job opportunities, he was giving his best to make a breakthrough in the directorial venture. I am so happy to see that he is still having the same vibes to achieve bigger in the industry. He is a great talent, and has lots of good stories, but still hasn’t found the right opportunity. I am confident that this movie will offer him a major breakthrough, and I wish the entire team, a huge success.”

Producer Aadham Bava said, “You all know Saravana Sakthi as an actor, but I have known him from the days of his directorial ventures as I had the opportunity to work with him. I would like to share some interesting facts about it. Both Suresh Kamatchi and the director are old friends. 20 years back, he was directed a movie titled ‘Dhandayuthapaani’, which marked his directorial debut and for me, his maiden project as assistant director. A day before the shoot, the film’s lead actor was changed due to his demand for high remuneration. When enquired, who is playing the lead role, we were informed that the producer’s nephew is going to be the replacement. I didn’t want that to happen, and I told Saravana Sakthi that let us wait patiently for even 10 years to make the film, but not with the wrong star cast. But Saravana Sakthi told that he got this opportunity to direct after 15 years of the long wait. Later, I spoke to the same actor, who reduced his remuneration from 3 ½ Lakhs to 1 ½ Lakhs. That hero is none other than actor Arya. We managed to complete the entire project. After the film’s release, there was a review stating that “Saravana Sakthi is one of the most unavoidable commercial filmmakers of Tamil cinema.” I would often keep commenting on him. Later, he made a movie featuring a political party leader in the lead role. The film had almost all the visitors to the political party office. He has encountered so many incidents like this in his life. As soon as I saw the first look of Kulasamy, I instantly called and wished him. I told him that he has finally got a script that is tailor-made for him, which will be a huge success. I wish the entire team, great success. I wish that he continues to make more movies.”

Actress Deva Darshini said, “I am not a part of this film. I have acted in a movie titled ‘Badava’ that features Saravana Sakthi sir as my co-star. I acted as Vimal’s elder sister in that movie. I think I am not given an opportunity in this movie as there isn’t any sister role here. I wish the entire team great success. I am happy to see that the film’s trailer is engaging. I have never seen Vimal in this new avatar. Usually, he would be seen playing jovial roles, but this movie features him in a different character. I have known the film’s music director from the days of his small screen journey. He is a good singer, and all the songs have come out very well. I request you all to watch the movie in the theaters and support it.”

IPS Officer SR Jangid said, “My heartiest congratulations to my brother Saravanan Sakthi and the entire team. I am still unable to believe that I have acted in a Tamil movie. My driver has been my Tamil tutor. I don’t know Tamil and he don’t speak English. Both of us had communication problem, and that’s when I started attempting to learn Tamil. I thought acting in a movie is so easy, but later realized that it’s so difficult. Although my role has a little screen time, it has some good message to impart. Dubbing my portions were more complicated than acting, but somehow managed to do it. I request all the press and media to help this movie with a good message, find a great reach among the public. Thank You.”

Director Ameer said, “Director Saravana Sakthi is my close friend, and he is my co-star in a movie as well. Usually, when a director becomes an actor, there would be some hardships, and it was both Saravana Sakthi and Annachi, who sorted out of this issue. Both of them made sure that I am comfortable throughout the shooting. Saravana Sakthi is a talented person. Today, even the biggest stars and movies like Ponniyin Selvan are consistently promoting the films, but it’s a little disappointing to see that the film’s lead actors aren’t present here for the event. Jankit sir has managed to eclipse this issue here. I wish the entire team, great success.”

Vimal and Tanya Hope are playing the titular characters in this film that marks the debut of director Saravana Sakthi’s son Surya as the antagonist.

Wide Angle Ravi Shankar is handling cinematography and Gopi Krishna of Thani Oruvan fame is taking care of the editing for this film. Zee Tamizh Rockstar fame playback singer Mahalingam is debuting as music director with this film. Kanal Kannan is choreographing students. The film, which is an action thriller, is scheduled for worldwide theatrical release on April 21, 2023.