Produced by-Uday Productions & Magic Touch Pictures

Directed by-Martyn Nirmal Kumar

Cast-Vemal, Anita Sampath, Pandiyarajan, Balasaravanan, Aadukalam Naren, Vela Ramamoorthy etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-130 Minutes

Rating- **/2

A light hearted flick set against a rural backdrop set round a family headed by Parandaman (Pandiyarajan) whose first son is happily married with two children. The second son, Karthi (Vemal) is the film’s protagonist. Kungumathaen (Anita Sampath), the only daughter is waiting to be married.

The efforts of the family to get Thaen married fall like nine pins on every occasion and how the problems get sorted and she gets married despite facing several odds is the fairly interesting rest.

From one angle, one can construe that the screenplay aims at deliberating on the ill-effects of consuming liquor as each time the hero gets drunk, a mysterious man on a white horse appears in his dreams and forewarns him about the death of a near one! The dream comes true as the person referred to succumbs to the ensuing danger!

The climax describes the final tally of the predictions of the mysterious man/

Vemal is quite natural as a village-bred youth while Bala Saaravanan has extended good support.

The production values are just about passable.

It is possible to sit through the film on the merit of its humor quotient!