Produced by-Venus Infotainment/ Six Star Entertainment

Written and Wielded by-Dharani Rasendran

Cast-Seyon Purushothaman, Shakthi Mithran, Guru Somasundaram, Samar, Rajalakshmi, Vaidhegi

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-121 Minutes

Rating- ****

Making a period film on the strength of the research and painstaking efforts that a production team puts in is no mean task!

Young and energetic filmmaker, Dharani Rasendran (who had earlier made Gnana Serukku) has come up with this absolutely absorbing flick that stands out tall in all counts!

At the outset, it is but a herculean task to churn out a period flick with a middle-sized budget that too with a new cast!

Dharani Rasendran has literally sleep walked through this process in a very effective manner that too, very efficiently!

The screenplay is perfectly set transporting the viewers to the 7th century when a Pandiya warrior takes over the Cheras and the Cholas and starts ruling from the Chola kingdom!

With the promos of PS2 announcing that the Cholas are Back, this film does create a big flutter in contrast with the sequel of PS1 which boasts of a stellar cast with rich productions values as also names like Lyca Productions, Red Giant Movies, Manirathnam, A.R.Rahman etc besides the Madras Talkies banner!

Indeed it calls for a busload of guts to make and release this period flick just a few days prior to the release of that magnum opus!

Interestingly, this too could be construed as a magnum opus notwithstanding the budget factor and a star studded cast! For that matter, the objectivity of the filmmaker is very clear and he has spared no effort to come up with a breathtaking film that holds strong surprises for the discerning viewers purely on the basis of its merit!

Dharani Rasendran certainly deserves a pat on his back for his extraordinary efforts in translating a well researched script on the silver screen in a very authentic manner!

Kudos to the entire cast and crew for their total commitment and involvement to the project!

It is about a nomadic tribe named Einar the clan headed by Kothi (Seyon Purushothaman) whose goal is cross swords with the Pandiya King, Ranatheeran (Sakthi Mithran).

While the first half sketches the greatness of both the warriors, the second half says it all regarding the battle between both the groups and how ultimately, the duo decide to hold a face to face, one to one combat to know who is better!

Costume design, background score, cinematography and stunt choreography-the film’s assets!

One sour point as it appears is that a Priest belonging to the Pandiya clan is made to look like a womanizer after having been projected as belonging to a particular religious sect as the religious symbols he wears making it obvious! Was this necessary at all, is the question!

Otherwise, qualitywise, Yaathisai runs parallel to Ponniyin Selvan series of films!