Fans celebrate actor Raghuuman’s birthday at Homeless Home

For the past 40 years, actor Raghuman has held a place for himself in both Malayalam and Tamil languages. He has his own fan base in both languages. He has the honor of having more female fans especially.

After the success of Dhruvangal Pathinaaru, which was released a few years ago, his film career is once again in top gear. In the recent release of Ponniyin’s Selvan 2, Madhurandhakar, who played his role, highlighted his character in the climax and the film ends, which is like proclaiming the importance of actor Raghuman in Tamil cinema.

Actor Raghuman has now reached the age of 55. Usually in the Malayalam film industry, it is customary for actors’ birthdays to be celebrated very critically by their fans. In that way, Rakhuman’s fans have surprised him by celebrating his birthday in a slightly different way in a way that is useful to others.

Actor Rakhuman’s fans celebrated his birthday at a destitute women’s home in Thrissur, Kerala. Everyone from children to adults in the orphanage cut the cake and celebrated actor Rakhuman’s birthday. And made everyone happy by giving them sweets and food.

It was actor Rakhuman’s birthday and many of the girls there sang emotional songs from his films to show that he has fans everywhere. An old woman requested the fan club leader there that she wanted to talk to Raghuman, and this information was immediately conveyed to actor Raghuman.

The next minute, Raghuman came on video call and talked to everyone there and inquired about their well-being. Everyone happily wished him on his birthday. Another woman wanted to see Raghuman’s grandchild. Raghuman fulfilled the woman’s wish by picking up the child in the next room of his house and showing it on video.

Similarly, in many places in Kerala, the fans of actor Raghuman celebrated his birthday by doing various social activities.