eRUMBHU is a story about a gram of gold – directed by G. Suresh

Enjoyed and enjoyed the music, this is a world film – Music Composer Arunraj

Tamil film industry’s leading character actors Charlie, M. S. Bhaskar, George Marion, child stars Master Shakti Rithvik and Monica in lead roles ‘Erumbu’ has been released.

Directed by Suresh Gunasekaran, the new movie ‘Erumbhu’ is being prepared. In which Charlie, M. S. Bhaskar, George Marion, Baby Monica, Master Shakti Rithvik, Susan George, Jagan, Paravai Sundarampal and many others have acted. K. S. Cinematography by Kalidas has been composed by Arunraj.

M. S. Bhaskar said, “After the silver screen, I have acted in this film with my good friend Charlie. Charlie and I would discuss to improve a scene on the set. The director will also allow this. If the subject is good, director Suresh will incorporate it. For me, director Suresh, who is always active, is the ant.

While taking on this role, a photo of a family that was set ablaze by the tyranny of vested interest came and went in front of my eyes. Earning interest is painful. This is a tough role to play. This made me hate myself at times. How was the labor of those two children working to pay interest.. Murthy is small but Keerthy is big.. it was like that. In that way, ‘Erumbu’ has become a film that makes a…
It is a feel good movie. ” said.

Director Mithran R. Jawahar said, “The cinematographer, editor and director who worked in this film are all my friends. I pray for success friends. What I want to learn from director Suresh is his bravery. Suresh’s courage is what makes this film a success.

Whatever kind of films I wanted to direct… ‘Ant’ was one such film. I have seen this film. The picture will be realistic and aesthetically pleasing. After watching this movie, there will be a sense of fulfillment in the mind.

Actors are the strength of this film. Especially M. S. The characters of Bhaskar, Charlie and George Marion are unique. Along with them, Monika and Shakti Rithvik, who played the role of sister and brother, are also amazing. Not only the actors but also the technicians have given their full cooperation for this, this film must be a success.”

Producer and director Suresh said, “We who have worked on the film Ant have been satisfied with the film. There is hope of success. I want to be successful as a producer.

In 2018, I produced and directed the film ‘Bothai’. This movie taught me a lot. After that I met actor Charlie and planned to make a short film telling the story. It did not materialize due to Corona. The fetus that appeared at that moment was the ant. This story gave me great hope.

His original name was Dharmalingam. I have started a film company in his name to make his name famous. I have faith that cinema will never abandon those who believe in cinema and work sincerely. So this movie will definitely be a hit.

A feel good movie.. an emotional feeling.. has its own power. I am confident that it will succeed.

Ramani Ramachandran helped release my film ‘Bothai’ which was produced by me. He has also assisted in this film. If not for him, I do not exist.

Gold helps us financially. Moreover, the story of the film is centered around only one gram of gold. I have connected many things like sister-brother love… father-son relationship… with one gram of gold. When we were young we lost something. We are afraid of how to tell the parents.

A gram ring is lost. Father and mother are working abroad. Sister and brother try to find it before they come. What efforts did these people make before they arrived? This is the story. ” said.