‘Theera Kadhal’ Movie Press Meet

Directed by director Rogin Venkatesan who directed films like ‘Adhey Kangal’, ‘Petromax’ and produced by Lyca Productions, the beautiful romantic film ‘Theera Kaadhal’ stars actor Jai, actresses Aishwarya Rajesh and Shivatha. As the film is slated to hit the screens on May 26, the crew met the press friends today.

In this event…

Mohanraja spoke
I have written the song ‘Usurangootil..’ in this film. Thanks to music composer Sidhu Kumar for giving me a chance in this film. Sidhu was the first to pick up the lyricist. After several discussions, we got the word ‘usurankootil..’ and wrote a song on it. The song is always finished after much discussion with him. In the end, trust me and he will come to believe. This film has an ungrammatical title, an ungrammatical story. Very brilliantly directed. All married people will be civilized with their ex if they watch this movie. They will be affectionate with their wives. I have already sung with Jay in the film SAC Sir. Wish to work with Aishwarya ma’am, she is now a big star, congratulations. Thank you everyone for supporting this movie.

Lyricist Vignesh said..
‘Theerak Kadhal’ is a very important film for me. Because this is music director Sidhu’s film. We are both long time friends and I am addicted to Jai sir’s songs in ‘Vamanan’. I like him very much. Not only my song but all the songs in the film have come out well, congrats to the crew and thanks.

Music composer Sidhu Kumar said…
Director Rogin made his debut with ‘Theerak Kadhal’-Think Music Santhosh. Thanks to the director for using me in this film. It’s a pleasure to film for a company like Leica. This film reminds us of some incidents that happened in everyone’s life. For some, this film will bring awareness. Thanks everyone this movie is definitely your favorite movie.

Actor Abdul Lee said…
This is the third film for Rogin sir. I am happy that I am in his third film. Aishwarya ma’am and Shivatha ma’am are both great inspirations for me. I like Jai sir since I was in school. It was a joy to act with celebrities that I admired. You will have a lot to relate to in this movie. Thanks to the journalists who take this film to the masses.

Cinematographer Ravivarman Neelamegam said…
Thanks to director Rogin Venkatesan for giving me this opportunity. The feeling of working with a great hero like Jai sir, he naturally got used to it on arrival and let it go. I have also worked with Shivatha madam in the film ‘Ethe Ekanis’. Aishwarya madam was also natural. Our job becomes easier when the actors are good. Amjad’s character is my favorite character in this movie. He acted well. The director gave a lot of freedom. Thanks to Leica Productions. Thanks to everyone.

Actor Amjat said..
It’s been many days since we got on stage, thanks to Rogin for this opportunity. I don’t know about the full plot of the film. I know only my part, the whole story will be known only later, my character will be unique. Thank you for watching the movie and giving your feedback.

Writer G. R. Surendra Nath said..
A unique story is what makes this tirak love story. Rohin and I went to see the movie ‘Kumbalangi Nights’. Then Rogin said that this type of film should be made in Tamil. If you give credit to the writer, I said it will happen. Naan Darren has given a separate credit for the screenplay dialogue in the film. Thanks to him for that. It is very rare to meet an ex lover before. But in this generation, they are in touch with their ex-lover rather than their spouse. During this film, I lost my parents due to physical condition. I lost faith in everything from money to relationships. But one thing that does not lose hope is the story of this film. This story will reach the fans only if the actors act well. Jai, Aishwarya and Shivatha have acted brilliantly. Thank you everyone will definitely like the movie.

Dance master Radhika said..
I was very excited when I first went to work for the film, Jai and Aishwarya Rajesh are good dancers so I thought let’s mix it up. The director gave me two rules, one is not to dance and the other is not to act by touching each other. When I heard this I didn’t understand anything but the director and I talked together and designed the songs for this film and it turned out great. Thanks to the director for giving me this opportunity.

Actress Shivatha said,
Earlier, I have worked with Rohin in the same film. Then I asked him what to do next. It’s like a love story
[10:35, 5/23/2023] Gold: Mr. Will you cast me? I asked that. Sent this story. I acted by saying that I will definitely act. Aishwarya has been doing different films one after the other. He said he liked my performance and it was an honor. Jay keeps stirring. He was very supportive. The cameraman has made me look beautiful. Sidhu has given very good songs. I asked Surender sir whose story this is. laughed. This film is easy to connect with everyone. Thank you for all your love.

Actress Aishwarya Rajesh said…
Every story has a story behind it. Similarly, director Rohin and I have a story of two years. We had to shoot the film several days in advance, after hearing our story, Tamil Kumaran sir from Leica called us at 11 pm and told us that the story was good. It gave us a lot of happiness, but the film was late.. We climbed Tirupati Hill to make the film happen, and while we were there, a miracle happened. Tamil Kumaran said he can make this film. The film will give a heartwarming experience to everyone, the director was single handedly deciding to cast Jai, I don’t know why. Everyone has done a great job. I am a big fan of Shivata. The cinematography in the film was very beautiful. Everyone will enjoy it and the entire crew has done a good job. Thanks to everyone who supported the film

Actor Jai said…
It is good to hear the story of this film as a story. But will it be good for me? There was a confusion, but I had faith in the director. I have seen his same eyes movie 4 times. I wanted to work with this type of director. Glad it happened. Cinematographer Ravi has shown me beautifully in this film. The songs and the music are awesome. I am Sidhu’s fan. The film will be like an event in everyone’s own life and the entire team has worked hard for this. Rohin is a great genius his work will be unique, both actresses are great in the movie, big fan of Aishwarya, thanks to the producer Laika Tamil Kumar, thanks to the entire crew, thanks for watching the movie and give your feedback.

Director Rogin Venkatesan said..
Thanks to Leica for coordinating this meeting. Desired life is not available at the desired time when the desired object is interesting in life. Balakumaran’s words apply to everyone’s life. This should have been my second film. Surendran sir has written many love stories. This story is amazing. I have fought with him a lot. But he always stood by me. This should be done for another product. Aishwarya was also connected with that producer Sudhan. Even when he is doing other films, he keeps talking about this film from time to time. We went to Leica only when Sudhan did not do this film. Beyond many layers, this film is okay. Jay came to mind when he said hero. Why Jai, the viewer should think that Indal has done this in the story, if only by looking at his face. Shooting will be quite lively. But during the shot, they will act amazingly and be amazing. Jai only gets stuck when there is no dialogue. He would ask me to pretend. I’ll act mean. I say pretend yourself. Aishwarya madam is amazing in anything, but she does change the dialogue every now and then. But there I will pretend to change. Otherwise he will do it in a flash. Shivada madam is very professional. If he comes, he will do the job well. Casting Vrithi children was difficult, but Vrithi gave us tremendous support. He has acted very brilliantly. Amjad is in all my films. An actor who works hard for his character. best friend Ravi can tell him everything. He believes in this story more than I do. Editor Prasanna and I studied together. He takes care of me without tension. Everyone in the technical team has worked very hard. Sidhu, who is the main character in this film, said that when the film starts, love is not accepted at home. After that, he agreed and watched the wedding and honeymoon in this movie. He has given beautiful music for all the love and sadness of this film. Thanks to my family. Thirak’s love will remain in your mind forever. Thank you for your support.

In this movie, actor Jai, actresses Aishwarya Rajesh, Shivatha to play lead roles, Baby Vrithy Vishal, Abdul Lee, Amjad Khan and others have acted together. The film’s story and screenplay is co-written by director Rogin Venkatesan and G. R. Surendranath.