The press meet of Maruti Nagar Police Station, a crime-thriller film starring Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Santhosh Pratap and Aarav, directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and presented by Tamil Aha Original, was held recently.

Actress Varalakshmi, who was present at the event, said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you all again. Director Dayal has proved what kind of director he is with his film ‘Konnayal Bhavam’. Even if it’s a small film, it has a story. This film also has a story that you all will like. Why this film? At one place you don’t think we are watching the movie.We were wondering how they are going to make this thriller story into a screenplay and make it into a movie.But they have got it all right.It’s nice to have Aha associated with this movie.If we have to say about the cast of this movie, Aarav, then Bigg Boss is the title. The time when he came out victorious. One of the reasons why I agreed with this film was that we are good friends like Aarav and Santhosh. If I have to say about Vivek, he is a discovery in this film. I recommended him in this film to bring out his talent. Glad it satisfied the director too. There is no controversy in our film. Now they are putting some kind of controversy in the film. But since our film only has a story, you media friends have to take it to the people.”

Actor Santhosh Pratap said, “It seems like only yesterday that I met you all for the film ‘Kontunal Bhavam’. It’s nice to meet you again so soon. All the children long for the school holidays to be over and meet friends. The team is like that for me. The friendship between us was very healthy. .We were happy together as friends and also worked together.My film ‘Kadir’ came to theaters and then when we were struggling for OTD, Aha helped us.Thanks for that!We did not have any problems in production in this film either.We all worked in this film like a friends reunion. It was a very happy experience. We request you to take this film to the people just like the film ‘Kindal Bhavam'” he said.

Actor Aarav said, “Thank you to Aha for supporting this film. This opportunity came as a surprise package when I was thinking about what to do next after playing the villain in ‘Kalaga Thalaivan’. When Dayal sir told me the story, I asked, ‘When is the shooting?’ I asked him. He said ‘next week’. In Tamil cinema, it usually takes two months to start shooting. But as he said, he went to shoot next week. He said that he would finish shooting in 25 days, and he finished it in 21 days. When I saw the dubbing, the film turned out very well. Varalakshmi, Santhosh Pratap, Vivek, Yasser have acted with all of them. It’s a pleasure. All the technical team have done their job well. Watch the film and tell me.”

After this, the crew answered the questions of the journalists.