Produced by Fatima Vijay Antony on behalf of Vijay Antony Film Corporation, Vijay Antony has directed, composed music and edited the film ‘Pichaikaran 2- Anti Bikili’. Vijay Antony has played the lead role in this film. Kavya Thapar, Datuk Radha Ravi, YG Mahendran, Mansoor Ali Khan, Harish Beradi, John Vijay, Dev Gill, Yogi Babu and others are playing the lead roles.
After the trailer of the film got a huge response
It will hit theaters worldwide on May 19, 2023. Its pre-release event was held in Chennai.

Producer Fatima Vijay Antony said, “Hello to all who have come! This is our film. I will not like to talk about our film on public platforms. On Pongal, when I was at home, Sir’s assistant called me from Malaysia and said, ‘Sir has had an accident! He has fallen into the water without remembering.’ He said and hung up the phone. What else can I think of at that time? But it is the positive attitude of all of you press friends that has brought him back for good. He is a man of good principles. I am happy to be married to him and to be by his side in his film career.”

Director Sasi said, “It is a welcome decision that Vijay Antony has taken the reins as a director with ‘Picchaikaran 2’ because
I had told the story of ‘Pichaikaran’ to four or five heroes before Vijay Antony. They all saw it as a beggar’s story. Only Vijay Antony saw this as a rich man’s story. He has begged in many places like Chennai and Pondicherry for this film. I was confused when he asked what kind of music he wanted while begging. A question he asked at that point changed the story for the first 20 minutes. He also gave the song ‘Hundred Samies’ as a music composer. I have introduced many new faces as cinematographer, music director. Likewise, we are happy to welcome Vijay Antony as a new director.”

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan saw Vijay Antony when he got on stage and sang the song ‘Nee Sethu Bozhachavanda, Emana Bihu Chirichavanda’. Then he said, “Vijay Antony’s dedication is what has kept him in front of our eyes today. I request him not to take any difficult risk like this. He had set up a huge set of more than two crores for this film. He called me on the first day and made me act. If only I had the same two crores. I would have built a huge building. But he set it up because he needed it for this film. He is so dedicated. Thanks to all the artists!” said.

Actor YG Mahendran said, “I thought this film would be a hit right from the start. Watching the film and watching the trailer made that impression even more solid. Any actor who sees Vijay Antony as a producer will want to cast him in the film. Because he is that much. He treats the actors with respect. In my 52 years of being in cinema, there are only a few directors who want me to know all the techniques of directing. Vijay Antony is one such director. He loves cinema first and then Fatima. Let me tell you about Vijay Antony as an actor. He said that he is a self-realized sage. As a composer, he can give all kinds of music. I felt that he is a very good person beyond all this. That is why God sent him back after drowning in water and made him complete the film ‘Bichaikaran 2’ successfully.”

Director ‘Jayam’ Raja said, “This is my family’s festival. Apart from being a friend, it is an honor to see him on this stage as a director. Only you can be the one who came back with courage so soon after a month of the accident. This faith will take you to the next level. After watching it, I drove to Vijay Antony’s house emotionally. Wish the second part of such a film a double hit”.

Director Bharathiraja said, “Vijay Antony is a good music director, so I thought why is he acting. Then I saw the movie ‘Pichaikaran’. He acted well. Commercially, the scope of this film was also great. Sasi is a talented director. I was in awe of his film ‘Boo’. God bless Vijay Antony.” The second life is for Fatima and for the fans. There is still a lot to do from you. Writers are very important for directors. Writers are the reason why many of my films are successful. Like Sasi for Vijay Antony.
Writer is available in this film. You will definitely win.”

Director Bhagyaraj said, “My first salute to the heroine of the film. When my Gurunath Bharathiraja is there, why do I salute him first, he was the first to jump in and save Vijay Antony when he fell into the sea. An assistant camera person named Arjun is also saved. When I first saw Vijay Antony, he was quiet. Then it is a pleasure to see him grow as a composer, actor, lyricist and director”.

Actor Vijay Antony said, “As I said before, the movie ‘Pichaikaran’ is a beggar put to me by Sasi Sir.” “Like the mother-son sentiment in the first part, the second part will focus on the brother-sister sentiment,” he said.

Heroine Kavya Thapar said, “Hello to all media friends and fans who have come here. Thanks to Vijay Antony-Fatima for giving him the opportunity to play the role of Hema in this film. Everyone has given excellent work in the film. Watch the film and give your support.”