Actress Adhira Raj, who attended the event, said, “Aadhi sir is very friendly and supportive. If there is any confusion in the scenes, I would ask him. He gave me a lot of freedom to act. So did director A.R. K. Saravanan”.

Actor Vinay said, “This film came to me by luck. I was doing a film with Sathya Jyoti Films a few years back. I also knew about hiphop Adi. Apart from that, it was a superhero film. On the first day I went to shoot, I saw the chemistry between director Saravanan and Adi. “That’s when I knew this film was going to be a super hit. This is my second superhero film. I have acted in a film like this in Telugu before. So I kept on comparing. Director Saravanan is doing great. ‘Veeran’ will definitely be the entertainment of this summer.” .

Actor Munishkanth said, “In this story, I am playing an old man between 55 and 60 years of age. I asked the director for this role. I liked it that much. In ‘Veeran’, the story will be one sided. Our comedy track will be one sided. Kali Venkat and I can also come. Fans will definitely like the scenes,” he said.

Actor Kali Venkat said, “Me and Munishkanth have acted together in this film for comedy. At first I thought that this film will get an A certificate. We have acted in a semi-nude scene. No one has seen such a scene before. Otherwise, director Saravanan, hero Adi, cinematographer are in the film. Thank you all.”

Director Saravanan said, “I finished writing this story at the end of last year 2017. Then I told this story to Adi. He believed in the fantasy superhero stuff in this story and liked this story. Thanks to Arjun sir who made this film happen. Adi two films A lot of people said that how will you handle him as a hero after the director. But there was no such conflict between us. We both had an understanding. Thanks to cinematographer Deepak. I have to say one thing about editor Prasanna at this point. When we were talking about doing a superhero story, for a character. We developed the story from his idea of what it would be like to have electric power from his hand. Keerthy designed almost ten costumes for Adi’s character alone. Thanks to him too. The stunts will be different with the superhero element in the film. Mathew is doing a great job. 35 – 40 minutes into the film CG comes. We were told to do it within the given budget. But that too has passed. But they have done well. There are many more departments. I will also share about their work in subsequent events. Many people are asking whether the story of ‘Minnal Murali’ and ‘Veeran’ is the same. When the first look of ‘Minnal Murali’ was released in 2018, we cross-checked the story of the film and our story. Both are different stories. Within 10 minutes of the story of ‘Veeran’, you know it’s completely different.”

Actor Aadhi said, “Hello everyone! I haven’t acted in any film for two years due to personal reasons. Thanks to the fans who have continued to love me so much! ‘Veeran’ will be a family film. My previous films have been like that, but this one has a lot of children’s content. .If school is going to open in June then before that, showing ‘Veeran’ to kids on 2nd of June will be enough confidence in this film. Being a 90’s kid I love Shaktiman. Likewise, ‘Veeran’ will be a Tamil superhero for a long time. Kids will love it. Thanks to director Saravanan for designing it. The film was very physically challenging. I had so many action scenes. I have never done that kind of action before. We started pre-production work for it at the time of ‘Anparivu’. This is my third with Sathya Jyoti. Picture. Thank you for believing in me and making it this far! Out of the five films I have done so far, this is the biggest film. Vinay sir plays the role of a scientist in the film. When he arrived, the picture took a bigger turn. Both Munishkanth and Kali Venkat are big plus for the film. If this film is a hit, we have to give them more than half of the credit.
Thanks to Santhosh Master for all the trending songs from my second film Rala Song. Thanks to everyone who acted in the film like Sasi, Adira, Kali Venkat Munishkanth. We have roped in YouTube talents like Nukkalites and Temple Monkeys to act in this film. Since ‘Veeran’ is a story based on our soil, we have experimented with a lot of things in the music. Musically, this film will be talked about a lot. The main reason for that is my friend Jiva. Thanks to him. We shot it for almost fifty days in a deserted forest in Pollachi. There will be some scenes with the horse in the film. Horse training should be learned from childhood. To that extent, learning something new at this age was a bit difficult for me. We were very careful not to injure the horse. Also cinematographer Deepak handled it beautifully when the horse stumbled in some scenes. His role in this is very big. Thus, this film was a challenging thing for us. This film is successful now because we all supported each other like this. After almost two years, my film is coming to theaters. Give the same love you give here.”