Shah Rukh Khan spills the beans about ‘Jawan’ & creates huge anticipation amongst fans in the #AskSRK session!

Shah Rukh Khan loves to interact with his ardent fans and admirers across the globe through his #AskSRK session that he conducts on social media quite often.

On the occasion of Shah Rukh Khan celebrating 31 years in film industry , the superstar again took to Twitter and announced an #AskSRK session. Apart from witty and hilarious reverts, the superstar spilled beans on his highly anticipated movie ‘Jawan’ and also spoke about his remarkable journey.

One thing that he has been following consistently from the last 31 years SRK reveals , I write a whole backstory and ideology of the character. Sometimes share it with the director or just keep it to myself. It could be a poem or a whole story.”

On naming twin babies!

While a fan who is pregnant with twin babies informed SRK about naming them Pathan and Jawan, the actor replied, “All the best but please name them something better”!

On a fan asking for a role for his friend in Jawan!

SRK replied, “Pyaar se dost ko samjhana padega ki aisa nahi hoga…

Watch Jawan with all the josh!

Reverting to a user’s question, SRK wrote, “Nahi beta, jawan ke din jawani ke josh mein theater pe jaana hai!”

Jawan teaser – all ready!

Revealing the most important information related to the teaser of his highly-anticipated movie Jawan, SRK said, “It’s all ready getting other assets in place. Don’t worry it’s all in a happy place… #Jawan

On students completing their graduation this year!

SRK said, “All the best in life and remember whatever u have learnt will come handy in life…sometime.