“Thalainagaram 2” movie thanks announcement party !!

Produced by producer Prabhakaran and director V Z Durai on behalf of Right Eye Theatres, the second part of the blockbuster film Capital, Capital 2. Directed by director V Z Durai and starring Sundar C, Palak Lalwani, this film released in theaters on 23rd. It has received a unanimous response from the audience and is running successfully in more than 350 theaters. To celebrate the film’s success, the film crew met their friends from the press today and thanked them.

Director Sundar C said…
It is usual to give thanks in this type of ceremony but this type of ceremony has become rare. So we thank everyone at the music festival itself. I asked Durai how many theaters for this movie and he told me more than 350, I was scared. Nowadays, we are in an era where shows are canceled on the day of release without a crowd in the theatre. They put up 300 theaters only for big hero films. That’s why I was afraid. But above all else the Capital 2 run in theaters is a joy. Capital 2 is an emotional action movie. Behind every act there is an emotion. He had taken it for granted that I was hitting four people. A lot of people praised me after watching it in the theater. The distributors who bought the film are here. They are the witness of the success of this film. My thanks to you and the people who made this film a success.

Actress Ayra said…
It is a very happy moment. Thanks to director V Z Durai sir for giving me this opportunity. I was apprehensive that I would be able to do this role, but Durai sir encouraged me. Sundar C sir was very supportive. Thank you for your support of this film. Thanks to all.

Director VZ Durai said..
They have been talking about Capital 1 ever since Capital 2 started taking off. It was a huge hit. Vadivelu sir comedy was much talked about. There is no comedy in my film, why did I make this film, the story is about an X rowdy. It seemed that it would be better to have someone who is already famous for playing the role of rowdy. Sundar sir had already made the capital, so I asked him if we could do the story with him, he said do it immediately without any hesitation. Oskar Ravichandran sir gave the title for us. People who have seen the film now say that Capital is better than the first part. Glad they themselves say that this movie doesn’t need comedy. 300 theaters for this film? They said no, they are asking, now the film is running in 350 theaters. In many theaters they listen to the movie and buy it. happiness Mainly thanks to you journalists who supported this film. Your review has given the film a great response. Thanks to Prabhakaran, the producer of this movie. Thanks to my co-producer friend Madhu, I share all my sorrows with him. Thanks to everyone.

Co-producer Madhuraj said..
Together with friend Durai, we have worked for 2-3 years for this film. Prabhakaran, Vivekanandan sir and Ravi Annan were there with good souls who thought well of us. This film has overcome many hurdles. Many people said that it will not release but now the film is doing well. It is because of your support. Keep that in mind and review the life of a thousand families behind a film. We value your feedback and please continue to support us.Thank you.