I was cast in Bell because it is a story with potential – Guru Somasundaram

Rejected From Many Films Because I Got Married – Heroine Durga said

A lot of history is hidden in Tamil history – Director R.Vengat Bhuvan

Producer who jumped into the well without knowing how to swim – Writer

Produced by Peter Raj’s Broken Movies
Medicine of the Palandamis about the specialties of naturopathy directed by Venkat Bhuvan
“Bell” has been developed as a film that talks about related inventions.

Guru Somasundaram, Sreedhar Master, Nitish Veera, Peter Raj, Durga, Shwetha and many others have acted in it.
Bharani Kannan has done the cinematography. Robert composed the music.

The film was screened today for press and media reporters and won their appreciation.
Later, the actors and technicians spoke about the experience of working in the film.

Guru Somasundaram said:

I wanted to be a journalist. Because I read a lot of novels. Especially Rajesh Kumar, Pattukottai Prabhakar, Rajendra Kumar, I wanted to become a journalist after seeing the role of a journalist in crime novels. So I have a lot of respect for journalists.
My best wishes to the film maker Peter Raj. He wants to get back his investment.
I liked the story of Bell when director Bhuvan told it. The story has a lot of potential. It turns out that my character has a different point of view. That’s why I agreed to act. The music for the film is also beautifully composed. The film will be successful. It needs your support.

Director Vengat Bhuvan said:

Preparation is important for taking pictures. Peter Raj is my friend and he said take the film and I will produce it. I had a fear in my mind. He trusts us and is shooting, I thought the film should turn out well. We chose this story after a lot of research to give a good picture of his faith in me. He was not only a producer but also an assistant director of the film who was with me and helped me in all the work. Till today he is with us and does everything. He is God’s gift to me. My thanks to him. This film is produced by Progan Movies Peter Raj and David Raj.
The story of the film is written by Veylon. He is also my friend. Many things are hidden in Tamil. Veylon Tamil Lover. He reads and talks a lot. He is the one who has 6 secret medical tips about Palandamizhar medicine. Not many people know that. He said let’s make a story based on that. I also thought that was something that needed to be said. When I told it to the producer, he was very appreciative and came forward to produce it.
Everyone knows about Guru Somasundaram playing the main role in the film, he has mixed it very nicely. He was very supportive. When I first told him the story, he agreed to act and that gave me a lot of courage. Sridhar Master, who is playing the protagonist, will tell the story
He also liked that I told him online. Although he is a choreographer, there is an actor hidden in him. It is revealed in the film. Heroine Durga. He also acted very well. When it comes to most shooting in the jungle, men tend to cope. But a woman has many discomforts and despite that she has acted very bravely. Another heroine Shweta has also acted well. The cameraman and Ramesh Balaji unit were very supportive.

And when he says, “Agastya, who lived many hundreds of years ago, told his 6 trusted disciples 6 secrets to protect and protect them.
Secrets to command
Pros and cons of lifesaving
The film is about the struggle between
is the main story.

Romance, family, action all blended in perfect proportions in a non-linear manner.
Bell will be a set film. It will be a film suitable for all ages,” he said.

Master, actor Sridhar spoke as follows

It was a great opportunity for me to play the role of Bell. Thanks to the director and producer for this. The dialogue in the film has been largely overworked. Veylon Vidya’s similar thought is revealed in the verse. He has told wonderfully in the verse itself how the image of the other person looks to a blind person. They are amazing in the climax scene. You have supported and encouraged me so far as a choreographer and I need your support as I take my first steps as an actor.

Heroine Durga spoke thus

I have tried many times to act in movies. But they refused to give me a chance saying that I am a married woman. I will never forget the chance I got in Bell. It was a good experience to act with very seniors. Play a different role in the film
[22:20, 6/6/2023] R. S. Prakash: Mission done. But they gave the role of heroine. I acted without an audition. I would like to express my gratitude to the director, producer, co-actors, technicians and my husband for allowing me to act.

Go and watch Bell movie in theater everyone will like it.

The story, as the narrator Veyiloan speaks,

Director Venkat Bhuvan and I are friends. Tamils have a lot of history. This story is set by choosing one of them. The producer also said that this is a story that needs to be told. Everyone including Gurusoma Sundaram and Master Sridhar have given excellent performances. Especially the late Nitish Veera who played the lead role in this film will never be forgotten. He has taken so much effort and acted in this.

Producer Peter Raj plays the lead role. He said that when he wants to act in a swimming scene by jumping into a well, he acts immediately. He went to the man who was ready to jump into a deep well and asked him if he knew how to swim, he said he didn’t know. I was shocked. I was shocked that he was risking his life for acting. Then we made security arrangements for him and asked him to act in the swimming scene. After he dived, the security personnel jumped into the well and saved him,” he said.