[08:17, 6/18/2023] Gold: Press Meet of ‘Charles Enterprises’

Tamil film industry’s leading comedy actress and character actress Urvashi is playing the lead role in the film ‘Charles Enterprises’ which will hit the theaters on 16th June.

‘Charles Enterprises’ is the first film under the direction of debutant director Subhash Lalitha Subramanian. It stars Urvashi, Balu Varghese, Kalaiyarasan, Guru Somasundaram, Sujith Shankar, Abijah Sivakala, Manikandan Achari, Bhanu, Mritula Madhav, Sudhir Paravoor and others. Cinematography by Swaroop Philip is directed by K. V. Subramanian and Ashok Ponnappan have composed the music. Dr. Ajith Joy has produced this film with an emphasis on comedy on behalf of Joy Movie Productions.

This movie was released in Malayalam and now it is releasing in Tamil. On this occasion, a press conference was held in Chennai in which the film crew participated. Narrator Anand Kumaresan, actors Kalaiyarasan, Guru Somasundaram, actress Urvashi, director Lalitha Subhash Subramanian participated in this.

Anand Kumaresan, who has written dialogues in Tamil and Malayalam, said, “Tamil characters were included in the Malayalam version of Charles Enterprises.” The screenplay was set as if the story takes place in the area where Tamils live. I wrote dialogues in Tamil for the character Kalaiyarasan, a Tamil living in that area. After that the film crew decided that this film would be suitable for Tamil fans as well. After that I changed it to suit Tamil. This film will be an entertainer suitable for Tamil fans as well. This ‘Charles Enterprises’ will not disappoint the fans who visit the theaters to watch the film. I have written the dialogues for the films ‘Kakka Talbi’, ‘Aingaran’, ‘Kargi’, ‘Rocketry- The Numby Effect’. Working with Urvashi who is a leading star actress in Tamil and Malayalam was an unforgettable experience. ” said.

Actor Guru Somasundaram said, “It has been my long-time dream to work with actress Urvashi. As soon as the director told me the story, I immediately agreed without any objection. However I had a crush on Kalaiyarasan’s character. Then I agreed not to miss the chance to act with Urvashi. The film is well done. I am sure it will be successful in Tamil as it was successful in Malayalam. Produced by Dr. Ajith Joy. Very unique. He is the one who identifies new talents and gives them opportunities. I would like to thank him at this moment for this.”

Actor Kalaiyarasan said, “This is the first film I have agreed to act in Malayalam. So this film is special for me. I heard the story of the film from the director over the phone. However, as soon as Urvashi madam and Guru Anna were in this movie, I agreed without hesitation. Now all language fans are watching… all language movies. So I agreed to act in Malayalam as there was no boundary line. Madam Urvashi had the privilege of witnessing a scene while the director was explaining it…how he absorbed it…how he expressed it…in what way he improved it… Dr. Ajith Joy is the best producer I have met in my film journey. What the film needs.. what the crew needs.
Knowing this, he did all the help and treated everyone equally. I would like to express my special thanks to him for this. I am sure that Tamil fans will also like this film. I request you to visit the theater and support it,” he said.

Director Lalitha Subhash Subramanian said, “I have enjoyed watching many Tamil films. This film, which is being prepared under my direction, will be a film that is suitable for all parties, even if it is a film made with a small investment. This definitely needs your support,” he said.

Actress Urvashi said, “The amount of labor is the same for films prepared with small investment and films prepared with large investment. However, small budget films require a lot of publicity.

The strength of a film is its producer. Favorite actor for actresses like us journalists in general? Favorite actress? Favorite character? Favorite director? They ask questions. Who is your favorite producer anymore? Also ask. Because I really like the producer of this film. You will also get a chance to complain about some other producers.

Is the picture quality? Are there features that appeal to all parties? Is it also commercially oriented? As the producer looks at every thing.

Ajith Joy has produced this film.

While sitting at home without work during the Corona period, I was excited to act in short films and web series. Then the director Lalitha Subhash Subramanian contacted me over the phone and praised me for the web series I acted in. As usual, I talked to him about things that gave him confidence. Contacted again by phone the next day, there is a complicated mother figure. He asked you to play it. It is impossible to tell the whole story. He said let me tell you in one line. Then he sent it as a text message. Loved it after reading it. A clumsy… closed minded.. trusting mother character. The mother has a son who is visually impaired after six in the evening. The mother wants him to live like everyone else in the world. So she imposes a lot of restrictions on that son. These restrictions… rob the boy of his confidence. This mother’s husband is trying to become an artist. The boy goes to the Tamil speaking area and befriends Kalaiyarasan there, as the husband and wife are together at home but there is no harmony.

There will be a situation where you have to love many relationships like father, mother, mother, younger sister. There are many unwritten laws for this. But friendship is not like that. Friendship has no language. There is no caste. There is no religion. There is no national border. His life is transformed by such a priceless high friendship.

There are people who say that love is the best feeling in the world. But friendship lasts forever. This is the highlight of the film.