Produced by Esthell Entertainer, directed by debutant director R Vijayakumar, starring Leo Sivakumar and Sanjitha Shetty, the work is a beautiful romantic drama called “Azhagiya Kanne”.

Director Seenuramasamy’s assistant, his brother R.Vijayakumar is making his directorial debut in this film. Famous stage speaker Dindigul I Leoni’s son Leo Sivakumar will make his debut as the hero.

The trailer release ceremony of the soon-to-be-released film was held in the presence of press and media friends with film crew and screen celebrities.

In this event

Actor Amudavanan said…

I have spoken on many platforms but I am a bit nervous to speak here, there are big personalities on the platform, my thanks to all of them. Protagonist Leo Sivakumar has given tremendous effort in the film. The shooting spot is always lively. Thanks to everyone who gave me a chance, wish the film a success,  thanks.

V J Andrews said…
I am a huge fan of the work of the personalities on stage here and it is a great pleasure to sit next to them and this is the first time I am acting in a film and speaking on stage for it. Leo Sivakumar has done a great job in this film and I learned acting from Sanjitha. I am very sure that this movie will be a great success, you should also support this movie, thanks to all the crew.

Actress Banu said…
There was a feeling of joining a family while acting in this film, everyone looked after me with care, the film is beautiful. You will definitely like it, thanks everyone.

Cinematographer Ashokumar said..
Thanks to Vijayakumar for the opportunity. The film has done well. Thank you for supporting the film.

Rajagopal spoke on behalf of the production company.
On behalf of Esthell Entertainer, we are working towards creating the best works. Sir Leoni came up with this story during the Corona period. Javier Brito also called this story a great story. As the story caught on, we started the production as if there was no problem with Corona. Leo Sivakumar has done a wonderful role. The film turned out to be a good work. Thank you all for your support.

Actress Sanjita Shetty said…
You still write about me. My thanks to you for bringing me to the fans. I am a fan of KS Ravikumar sir, glad you came to congratulate me. Nayagan Siva Family is always present on the sets. I told my mother that they are looking after me like an angel. The shooting experience was just like that. Sir Leoni is very pleasant to deal with. A very important role for me, a woman from Chennai who works in IT, this is the most important film in my film career. You will get to know the life of an assistant director through this film. A simple love story. Thank you for watching and supporting the movie you all like.

Director KS Ravikumar said…
I have been a fan of Leonie sir since my school days and I love his stage speaking. Leonie sir has a lot to talk about. On stage today, I watched her son look on with joy as he spoke. It was proud. All fathers have this love. It seems that director Vijayakumar has given his best work. I hope the film will be the same with the very sharp, humorous talk. The humility that the hero Shiva speaks to him comes from his parents. You want to reach big in Tamil cinema. Everyone seems to have worked hard in the film. Sir Leoni who does not hurt anyone’s heart. Wish the film a success as well as his heart.

Director R Vijayakumar spoke
I am director Seenu Ramaswamy’s assistant, his sibling and I have worked with him in 4 films. I have made this film with the aim of making a good work out of that experience. I am a big fan of director KS Ravikumar sir and glad he came to congratulate me. I made this story amid severe hardships during the Covid era. Siva did a cameo in Mamanithan. Then Annan Ivan was a hero material, he said. Keeping that in mind, I made him a hero. The main reason this film was made was Leoni Annan, who sent me to the producer. Siva has worked hard in this film. He will occupy the best place in Tamil cinema. The film is a story that starts in Madurai and moves towards Chennai. A story that tells the life of an assistant director. Many heroines hesitated after hearing this story but Sanjita Shetty said she will act after hearing it sir. Thanks to him. This film will be a turning point for him. Thanks to Esthell Entertainer and Kannan Ravi Group for releasing the film. Prabhu Salomon Sir Prabhu Salamanaka is acting
[21:11, 6/17/2023] Gold: He also brought his office for filming. My thanks to him. Vijay Sethupathi has acted as Vijay Sethupathi for the first time for friendship. My big thanks to him. A beautiful film that talks about social justice. Thank you for your support.

Protagonist Leo Sivakumar said…
This stage is my dream, coming to cinema is my biggest dream, I dedicate this film to my father for giving me freedom. I have traveled for many years believing in cinema, my life’s journey revolved around cinema, a big thank you to KS Ravikumar sir who accepted our invitation and came here, thank you to the director Vijayakumar Annan who chose me for this role, it was very difficult to choose the heroine for this film. Eventually Sanjita Shetty agreed to act. Sanjita Shetty has given an excellent performance in this film. , has helped me a lot in acting, this film is my first step, everyone should support this film, thank you.

Dindigul I Leoni said…
I am a big fan of KS Ravikumar sir, I thank him on behalf of my family, everyone in this film crew is very simple, my biggest thanks to Vijay Sethupathi, he gave me a role as soon as I asked, he gave me a role, thanks to all the crew, I didn’t say it because he is my son, I struggled a bit in this film. He has acted,  he has put in a lot of efforts and this film will definitely be a success. My best wishes to all those who worked in the film. Wish the film a success. Thank you.

Leo Sivakumar, Sanjitha Shetty, Prabhu Salomon and Vijay Sethupathi.

Technical Committee

Produced by – Esthell Entertainer
Presenter –  Kannan Ravi Group
Directed by – R.Vijayakumar
Music – Raghu Nandan
Cinematography – Ashok Kumar
Film Editing – Sangathamishin