~ Tamilarasan directed by Babu Yogeswaran starring Vijay Antony, Suresh Gopi and Sonu Sood ~

ZEE5, India’s largest and domestic OTT site, has showcased the worldwide digital premiere of ‘Tamilarasan’ from 16th June 2023. S. under SNS Protection Company. Produced by Kausalya Rani, Tamilarasan is directed by Babu Yogeswaran. It also stars Vijay Antony, Suresh Gopi, Sonu Sood and Ramya Nambeesan in pivotal roles.

The film’s lead protagonist, Tamilarasan (Vijay Antony), is a compassionate police officer. He and his beloved wife Leena (Ramya Nambisan) are shocked to learn that their son Prabhakar (Pranav Mohan) has a weak heart and the sooner he goes for a transplant the better. The son is admitted to the hospital, but unfortunately, it is full of profit-minded hospital administrators and stone-hearted doctors. As a minister also needs a heart transplant, the hospital refuses to give priority to Prabhakar. Enraged, Tamilarasan decides to hold the hospital’s cardiologist Dr. Murukananda (Suresh Gopi) hostage and force them to treat his son first. Will he be able to save his son, especially his corrupt superior Rana Pratap Singh (Sonu Sood), who will let him win?

Tamilarasan is composed by Ilayaraja and cinematography by RT Rajasekhar and Babu Yogeswaran. The film also stars Saya Singh, Sangeetha Girish, Yogi Babu, Pandiyarajan, Kasthuri, Munishkanth, Robo Shankar and marks the debut of director Mohan Raja’s son Pranav. After its theatrical release in April, Tamilarasan has had its world digital premiere on 16 June 2023 on ZEE5.

Director Babu Yogeswaran said, “Working with actors including Vijay Antony and Tamilarasan was a great experience. They believed in my concept and showed all their skills. We hope this emotional film of ours will reach a global audience with its world digital premiere on ZEE5.” said.

Actor Vijay Antony said, “The confidence given by the director attached me to the film. Tamilarasan has incorporated scenes that almost reflect the fear-mongering society and I hope the film succeeds in conveying a strong message. Despite its release in theaters, there are still many people who don’t know about the film or haven’t seen it. It is my kind request to watch Tamilarasan on ZEE5 as it is an important story that everyone must watch.” said.

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