New thriller movie “BP180” starring Tanya Ravichandran and directed by Mishkin’s assistant JP has just opened!!

“BP180” which is going to be a sensational thriller, started with pooja!!

Produced by Atul M Bhosmiya on behalf of ATUL INDIA MOVIES, the new movie “BP180” is produced by Director JP and starring Tanya Ravichandran. The pooja of the film was held today in the presence of press and media friends for the film crew to attend.

In this ceremony

Producer Atul M Bosmia said…
This is our first production and we have come here from Gujarat with confidence. The film will be produced by the best film crew. Thank you for your support.

Music composer Gibran said…
Atul sir said that after watching Rakshasan, we can make a film. The director sent me JP to narrate the story, which was brilliant. This is the appropriate title for this story, we have just started the film, we can talk more after it is over, thank you.

Actress Naini Savi said…
Thank you JP sir and the crew for giving me this opportunity. I am eagerly waiting for the movie. Support the film.

Actor Aruldas said,
Congratulations to the producer Atul who has come here from outside the state to make the film, I heard the story of the film, the film will be an action film, Bhagyaraj sir is playing an amazing role, I hope the film will turn out well, all the best, thank you.

Actor Daniel Balaji said…
I don’t know how they chose me for this film, this story is centered on a female character and my character is also important, let’s make a film that you will like, thank you all for your support.

Actress Tanya Ravichandran said…
This movie is a very innovative role, crime thriller story for me. I am eagerly waiting to act in the direction of JP sir. This film will be something new for the fans. Thank you all for your support.

Director K Bhagyaraj said…
The producer is coming from outside the state and shooting for the first time. Director JP is making his debut in this film, my best wishes to the team. The producer listened to this story for 40 stories and then made this story OK. Tanya, Daniel Balaji and Gibran have a lot of work to do in this film. The story was very exciting. While narrating the story he said a title but the current title is the appropriate title for this film. JP will direct the film well to save Mishkin’s name. My best wishes to all, thank you for making the film a success.

Director JP said..
Thanks to everyone who came here, it’s my first stage and I’m a bit nervous, I’m a student of Myshkin sir and I’ve traveled with him since “Anjade”. He said that he is coming to the audio festival. I will protect his name. I will do this film with great responsibility. I know its worth thanks to Atul sir who is producing this movie. Thank you for your support.

actors :

❖ Tanya Ravichandran
❖ Daniel Balaji
❖ K. Bhagyaraj
❖ Tamil
❖ Arul Das

Technical Committee

Producer – Atul M Bosamiya
Script direction – JP
Music – Gibran
Cinematography – Ramalingam
Art Direction – A.R.Mohan
Editing – Ilayaraja
Production Executive – Thiruneelakandan
Makeup – Ram Babu
Costume Design – Naga Sathya
Public Relations – Satish (AIM)