Produced by producer Prabhakaran and director V Z Durai on behalf of Right Eye Theatres, the grand film Thalainagaram 2. The music and trailer launch of the film directed by V Z Durai and starring Sundar C, Palak Lalwani was held with great fanfare. Film celebrities attended the event along with the film crew.

In this event..

Producer SM Prabhakaran said..
Engappa has a desire to make his children study well. He made us according to His will. I love cinema a lot. Acting suits us, I thought we can make a film. Durai Anna is a long time friend of mine. I spoke to Durai Annan but at first he refused saying that our friendship would be ruined. Seeing my interest, he agreed. When asked who to cast as the hero, Sundar C said Anna. I immediately said that our film is definitely a hit. I like him very much. We have overcome many hurdles to bring this film to your attention. We will continue to produce good works together, I request you to support us, thank you.

Producer Kalaipuli Thanu said..
Durai is always my favorite director. He has directed the capital to such an extent that he cannot miss a single frame. He is the first director to create such a scene where the hero goes to the villain’s place in the film Thani Jaya. His stories are always good. The producer is kind hearted. Nice to see Sundar C on screen. My best wishes to all who make the film a huge success.

Mr. Ramji said…
I run a publishing house. They wanted to finance a small film and asked if they could decide after listening to the story. I heard the story and I liked it very much. A lot of people are wary of getting into finance. But Durai always comes with the interest amount on the first day. I know how much they have worked hard to make this film and I wish the film a success.

Hindi rights producer said..
I saw 30 minutes of this movie and it was so good that I immediately bought the rights. Congratulations to all for Thalai Nagar is sure to be a big hit.

Mr. J Suresh said…
The three reasons for coming to this festival were that Durai and I have been friends for 20 years, and the second was that Durai and I were producing this story together. I was amazed when he told this story. What a narration. The third reason is Sundar C, I like him so much, I was doing a film with him, and seeing him in a suit is like Mammootty. The trailer songs of this movie are all amazing. The film will be a huge hit. Greetings.

Director Subramania Siva said..
I came to this festival with a sincere prayer, director Durai Annan is my guru, I am following his good habits, Sundar C sir is not ordinary, he has been in this industry for 27 years, this movie will be a big hit than Thalai Nagar first part. Congratulations to all the actors who acted in the film, congratulations to the producer Prabhakar, this film will definitely be a success for you, thanks to all.

Director Sasi said..
I have learned a lot from my friend Durai. The reason for having emotion in my films is because I get to know him and share the story. Action was everywhere in the trailer. But there is definitely a huge emotion and an emotionless story definitely won’t win. Durai doesn’t make a film without emotion and that’s why he has been on screen for more than 20 years. Sundar C is my favorite commercial director and he has made a film together and this film will definitely be a huge hit.

Actor Bharath said…
Thanks to all the directors who gave important films in my film career. Durai sir is the most important one. He shaped me so well in the Nepali film. Nepali is the film where he worked the longest. He will be a terror at work. Each of his films is different. That is why he has been crawling as a director for more than 20 years. I want to act in Sundar C sir’s film, I am asking you here for an opportunity using this platform. Sundar C sir fits into this story brilliantly. Wish this movie will definitely be a big success, thank you.

Actor Prem said…
I am familiar with Durai sir since I started learning cinema and also with director Sundar C sir, I am in touch with both of them till date. See you again at the film’s success, thank you.

Actor Vetri said..
I don’t need to say about the success of Capital 1st part and this movie is going to be a big hit as well, I am Sundar C sir’s big hit.
Dear fan, congratulations to all who have worked in the film.

Director Producer Kathiresan said
Needless to say, Sundar C sir is a director who knows how to hook the audience in a 2 hour film. He saved many producers. He had directed the film Capital and now it’s great that Capital 2 is here. Durai sir has given many successful films and congratulations to all those who will make this film a big success in their alliance.

Actor Vamsi said…
Getting a role in this film is a unique story. The director said that you can completely surrender but act in this film. I said ok sir whatever you say. He won’t let go that easily. Takes repeated shots. He is clear about what he wants. I did just one scene with Sundar C sir. Thank you all for a good experience and hope to work with them again.

Cinematographer Kicha said…
I have traveled with director Durai sir for 10 years, we have done three films, he is a very talented director. This movie has come out very well. Congratulations for the success of the movie. Thank you.

Actor Jesse Josh said…
My thanks to all, this is my first film in Tamil, I sent my photo to director Durai sir and waited, he gave me a good role. It’s great to act with a legend like Sundar C, it’s great to have such a platform in Tamil. Everyone should come and see the movie in theaters, thank you.

TSP Vallavan said…
Durai is a very sweet friend who always has a smile on his face. I wish Prabhakar a successful journey and my best wishes to all.

Lyricist Mohanraja said..
Sasi sir always talks a lot about Durai sir, he is a good worker. Durai Sir will discuss the song for half a day for a week. It is a pleasure to continue traveling with him. Happy to continue traveling with Sundar C sir. The movie has come out well support, thanks everyone.

Actress Ayira said..
Very proud and happy. My thanks to Durai sir for giving me this opportunity. While acting in Sundar C Sir, he was very supportive. Thank you for supporting this film.

Director Pramera said…
Director Durai is a very emotional person and always speaks with authority. After Palani’s film, he threatened Nepali with sex. It was then that I realized how great a director he is. Durai has always loved only cinema. He must succeed. The reason why Sundar C has been in the cinema for so long is because of his great planning, I wish this partnership a success for sure.

Actor Sundar C said…
Thanks to everyone who came here to say hello. We have to thank Oskar Ravichandran sir, the capital title was his, and he generously gave it away. I wouldn’t have listened to whoever said that we can take Capital 2nd part but when Durai sir asked I had no idea. I immediately said ok. His dark film is a very good screenplay. I really liked the way he shot the film. It was the dark success that made Capital give the OK to the film. I still haven’t seen the film because of my faith in him. A director who loves cinema. My thanks to producer Prabhakaran who has been a great support to him. Durai sir has carved every frame of this film. Thank you, I hope this film will become a series of films like Palace.

Director V Z Durai said…
I didn’t know the job of Deputy Director to anyone, thanks to Chakraborty Sir who introduced me as Director, he has introduced many people. The big pillar of this film is Prabhakar the producer, thanks to Ramji sir for believing in me, my biggest thanks to the cinematographer and music director, Sundar C sir is my teacher, I learned many things from him and it’s a pleasure to work with him. He agreed to act in my film without hearing the story. Thanks to director Sasi sir. We haven’t seen each other in a long time but our bond has never changed, thanks to everyone who came here to say hello. The movie is good and all journalists should support this movie.