Lily” comes to entertain the children.

“Lily” is an entirely children’s movie.

“Lily” has scary graphics with dinosaur scenes.

“Lilly” is the first children’s film to be made as a Pan India film.

Gopuram Studios K. Babu Reddy and G. Satish Kumar jointly produced the film “Lilly” in five languages namely Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi.

Baby Neha, Vedant Varma, Pranathi Reddy, Rajeev Pillai, Siva Krishna Karu, Senthil Ponnusamy, Raj Veer, Mitchili Shah are the main actors in this film.

Cinematography – Rajkumar

Music – Ando Francis
Lyrics – P. A. Raza
Editing –
Art – P.S.Verma
Tamil Dubbed – Director Muthu

Public Relations – Madurai Selvam,- Manavai Bhuvan.
Produced by – K. Babu
Reddy, G. Satish Kumar

Story, screenplay written and directed by Shivam.

Director Shivam said about the film…..

It is totally a children’s film. Many great actors’ films and directors’ films have been released as Pan India films, but this is the film that is directly centered around children.

Although this is a children’s film, we have consciously taken from them how adults should live life and what is friendship and giving up.

The climax scene of this film is sure to leave everyone in awe.

I have written many stories in my cinema experience over the years, but as my first film, I decided to take this children’s story and tell their feelings to everyone.

The main reason for me to create this story is director Mani Ratnam because after watching the movie Anjali I can’t get out of that movie till date so I created this story. Surely everyone will like this movie, it is not just a movie for kids but also for adults.

So far we have only seen dinosaurs in Hollywood cinema, this is the first time we have used dinosaurs in this film, it also comes as a character and is connected to the story when you see it on screen.

Director Shivam said that the film will be released in theaters on 30th of this month.