Kataana’ movie: A time travel with amazing graphics!

We have been intimidated by seeing computer technology appearing in Hollywood films and marveling at it.

A Tamil film called Katana is being made with the technical marvel of graphics.

Not only the visuals are innovative but the story is also innovative, a time-traveling story is emerging. This film is directed by Satish Ramakrishna. He has already directed two films Tamilananen and 23 23 The Beginning. This is his third film. Dr. Rajendran, who has been in the film industry for many years, joined him
Jayapal Saminathan is producing on behalf of JPS Cine Max. He has many years of experience in the distribution industry. He is also associated with the production department in the film industry for a long time. He is also associated with the director’s Vetri Tamil Production Company for the production.

When I asked the director Satish Ramakrishnan what the film is about,

“This is a time travel story. A prince who lived about 2500 years ago travels to the present through time travel. Here he comes to the present and sees the problems prevailing here. We have filmed how he faces these problems and overcomes them using his traditional martial arts.

There is a prince who has been abandoned without any information in the history and religious stories. His name is Young Chetchenni Karikal Varman. He is the main protagonist in the story of this film.

It is an entirely martial arts based film. The film has nine action sequences. It can be described as a martial arts science fiction action film. We have access to things that no one has experienced. The film will also give an adventurous experience to the viewers.

So far we have been in awe of computer technology in foreign language films, especially Hollywood films. As the story of this film is about time travel, the role of computer technology is very large. You can feel it through the grand scenes in the film,” he says.

Director Satish Ramakrishnan, who has written the story, screenplay, dialogues, songs and edited the film, has also acted as the protagonist. Alcifa from Coimbatore has played the lead role.
Saravanan Radhakrishnan has done the cinematography for the film.

The shooting is nearing completion. The director believes that he has talked about a subject that no one has touched. This film is made in five languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi

India’s finest Martial arts, Sci-fi, Action, Larger than life Period Adventure film

Directed by @getintouchsatis
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