Produced by-Joy Movie Productions

Directed by-Subash Lalitha Subrahmanian

Cast-Balu Verghese, Urvashi, Gurusomasundaram, Kalaiyarasan etc

Censor Rating -U

Running Time-130 Minutes


Films with humor as the base need to showcase it effectively for the audience to lap it up with both the hands!

Here is a classic case of sch an attempt that works out only to a limited extent, given some production constraints!

Ravi Kutty (Balu Verghese) is a soft spoken youngster who cant see after dark.

His Mom (A humorous Urvashi!) is in possession of an idol of Lord Ganesha which belongs to the Chola era.

Ravi wants to start a business but the start-up stands up an unreachable target1

A mysterious woman approaches him asking him to sell the idol for a fancy price.

Ravi falls for that idea but is unable to execute his plan and hence seeks the help pf a petty thief, Charles (Kalaiyarasan).

How their plan works is what the balance of the narration is about presented in a somewhat interesting manner!