Produced by-Mandru GVS

Written and Wielded by-Suresh G.

Cast-Charlie, George Maryan, Susan George, Monika Siva, Sakthi Rthvik

Censor Rating-U

Running Time- 104 Minutes


Films with children in the limelight, backed by a script that focusses around their lives are very rare!

Here is a heartwarming film that quenches that thirst, that too, in a fulfilling manner!

Basically, theme is set around sibling bondage that is prevailing between a little girl and her younger brother and the crux of the plot is about their pathetic predicament owing to the loss of a ring that the little boy loses, inadvertently!

The frames open with Annadurai (Charlie) and his family consisting of his two children-Pachaiamma (Monika Siva) and Muthu (Shakthi Rithvik) from an earlier marriage, his wife, Kamalam (Susan George) and their baby.

Annadurai finds it difficult to make his ends meet and the family is permanently in a financial crisis!

On the occasion of the baby’s birthday, Kamalam’s brother presents a ring which eventually gets lost owing to the carelessness of Muthu.

Annamalai and Kamalam are out on work while the two kids leave no stone unturned to trace the ring but in vain!

Pachaiamma tries hard to earn a quick buck to be able to buy a new ring in place of the lost one so as to escape from Kamalam’s wrath who customarily treats them both as a typical stepmother!

How the problem gets resolved in the rest narrated in a simple, straightforward manner without much of a fuss!

It is a breakthrough role for George Maryan who has rightly cashed it in!

A film that deserves a watch!