Produced by-Passion Studios

Written and directed by-Karthik G. Krish

Cast- Siddarth, Divyansha, Abhimanyu Singh, Yogi Babu, Vigneshkanth and Arun Vaidyanathan

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-139 Minutes

Rating- ***

Films featuring Siddharth usually guarantee some assured aspects of satisfaction for the spectators, but exceptions are inevitable!

He plays Gunz, a youth hailing from a middle-class background who is employed as a driver in a call-taxi company who hails from elsewhere! The owner’s ‘specialty’’ is that he will personally bash up drivers if they get involved in accidents, pay for their medical expenses while recovering the cost of damage to the car from the driver’s salary/incentives!

Gunz undergoes such an experience too while getting acquainted with Lucky (Divyansha), a rich girl who happens to be the only daughter of a business magnet (Arun Vaidyanathan).

Lucky disapproves her dad’s choice of another businessman as her fiancé as their wavelengths don’t match!

Gunz and Lucky get together under challenging circumstances while a goon (Abhimanyu Singh) who heads a team involved in all possible illegal activities are hired to trace Lucky and hand her over to her dad for a huge sum of money after she escapes from the clutches of her dad!

Gunz and Lucky follow contrasting ideologies but the circumstances draw them both together and they get intimate!

The gangster holds Gunz’s close friend (Vigneshkanth) hostage and in return demands the return of Lucky who is in his ‘custody’!

Gunz pulls the gun at the goon and his men proclaiming that he cares more for his friend than Lucky which eventually makes her angry!

The lovers are drawn apart and Lucky bids a goodbye to Gunz following which she gets married to the man of her dad’s choice!

Lessons learnt, mutually!

The viewers too get to learn a few lessons with respect to the choice of films they should watch!

The music of Nivas K. Prasanna (the background score) and the cinematography of Vanchinathan Murugesan are both mention worthy!