The music and trailer of the film ‘EDATTAM’, starring Shreekumar as the hero of the film, has been released. Senior producer K. Rajan (K.Rajan), Directors Perarasu (Director Ezhil), Music Director A. R. Rahina (Music Director A.R.Reihana) producer and businessman N.R. Dhanapalan (N.R. Dhanapalan) and the film crew and special guests received the release.

‘EDATTAM’ is the first film under the direction of debutant director ESAN. In which Sreekumar, actor RAJA SURYA, actresses VENBA, ANU KRISHNA, DHIKSHIKA, VISITHIRAN, ‘KADHAL’ SUKUMAR, POWER STAR, ‘Poovilanku’ Mohan, Pulikutty, Vijay Sathya, Shanthi Anand and others have acted. GAJABATHI has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and directed the film, Jason Williams has handled the cinematography and John Peter has composed the music. ZEN MUTHURAJ is taking over the editing duties while SENTHIL is handling the art direction. Suresh Harse Babu has arranged the action scenes. This movie which is being prepared in cyber crime thriller genre is produced by producer Sakthi Arun KESAVAN on behalf of ESAN MOVIES.

While the first look of the film was released and it grabbed a lot of attention, now the music and preview of the film has been released. Senior producer K. Rajan, directors Pramappu, Eghil, businessman and film producer N. R. Dhanapalan, Music Composer A. R. Rahina and many others attended as special guests.

Eason, the producer and director of the film, said, “My first salute to mother art. No one who respected art was spoiled. All those who truly love art have succeeded.

At the age of 13, I became interested in cinema. Since then I have been wandering around Kodambakkam on my bicycle in search of opportunities. I am a native of Tuticorin district. From there I came to Chennai in the 90s. I don’t know where the cinema is when I cycle. My uncle A. C. Chandrakumar is a film director. He has directed the film ‘Sevatta Ponnu’. My grandfather used to run a troupe called Arumukha Nadar Natak Mandram.

My uncle said, ‘I have been fighting for 20 years. I did not get the cinema. So don’t talk and go to the village’ he warned. But unbeknownst to him I am around Chennai looking for opportunities.

I learned Silambam, Karate and Bharatanatyam for cinema. Today, by the grace of God, I have become famous so that everyone knows that sylambam is.

At this stage I started producing the film together with the prompting of two people. We started the work of the film with a plan that we could make it in one crore and each of us would invest thirty lakhs. First I started spending my money. I started spending out of curiosity. After spending 20 lakh rupees.., the two friends left. I have completed the film with the money given to me by my mother Ranganayake who raised me when I did not know how to complete the film. Even my birth mother would not do this. This film is made because of the love my mother raised me. If they didn’t… there would be no Eason Movies. Neither is this ‘Edatum’ movie.

One more thing should be mentioned. I had a passion for cinema but did not study cinema properly. Gajapathi, who worked in the film, is the reason for making my desire into a film. I have only put my name as the director in this film. But it was Gajapati who did all the work.

Jason Williams and Jen Muthuraj who worked in this movie gave their full cooperation. I was scammed out of millions by someone in the music industry. Only then did I meet John Peter. He helped me. Through John Peter I realized that people who really love cinema.. help cinema.

The film was completed on time because Priya, a student who learned lute from me, helped me with five lakh rupees. I would like to thank him for that.

I came to Chennai at the age of 13 with a passion for cinema and have become a director at the age of 43. 30 years of penance has been completed. I’m not the only one who won this. We have all succeeded together.

My family is an artistic family. I have cheated up to 20 lakh rupees for this small film. Can’t find cheaters in cinema.

Thanks to K Rajan, Pramappu, Ezhil, AR Rahana Dhanapalan Silambattam Artist Shanmugam Silambatta Kazhagam President who came and congratulated this movie after calling. ” said.

Talking about director Eghil, Kadhal Sukumar mentioned that small budget films are not successful. All four films that won this year were small budget films. Small budget films are what keeps the industry healthy. It is the small budget films that make the dreams of the young talent come true. Small budget films help many new directors like Eason make their debut. The film crew has made the movie Edatum brilliantly. The preview of the film… seems to create anticipation about the film. A fear of cinema comes when you hear about the hardships that director and producer Eason Eadatum went through to create the film. I wish the film to overcome these and get success.”

Music director AR Rahina says, “I usually don’t go to festivals for big budget films. I only go for small budget films. Because they need to be encouraged. I will give them my cooperation. Small budget makers just call me. It is not necessary that my name should appear on the invitation. I don’t expect that. Producer K. I think it is a healthy environment if people like Rajan, director Prameru, Eghil visit here and congratulate and cheer the film crew. Two songs composed by music composer John Peter were premiered here. Both were wonderful. The film’s cinematographer, Jason Williams, is committed to doing the best in whatever task he undertakes. With him working on it, this film is shaping up nicely. His hard work was evident in both the song sequences. This film has an amazing story. How much trouble can one drink? After drinking.. what changes happen in his brain… the harm caused to the society… because the director has filmed it, I have visited here to appreciate it. I congratulate the film crew for this. In general, if something good is happening in the community… I will go there immediately. My best wishes to Shri, son of music composer Shankar Ganes. I wish this film a success.”

Speaking about the director Prameadu, “The film’s music director John Peter has a writer. There is a songwriter. There is a singer. There is a director. He is also a producer. Thus he has many faces. It is because of his good heart that he has composed the music for this film at a critical moment.

I have seen Sri in the serials of the film. You are acting beautifully…! Why didn’t he come to the cinema? I have thought. When asked to meet him, he said, ‘I am waiting for an opportunity’. But only after that I came to know that he is the son of music composer Shankar Ganes. It amazes me that he has reached this height by his own efforts without asking the name of his father. Sri has a unique performance. Taking advantage of the success of this film, he should continue to travel in cinema. Don’t think there is any obstacle. Because the biggest obstacle for an artist is his personality. If you have too much character, you will not get a chance. If you give up your character, you will get many opportunities.

Ilaya Kampan, the lyricist who wrote the song for this film, is my friend. Skilled. The name Ilaya Kampan is the biggest attraction I have for him.

Storytellers, writers and poets should be honored in the film industry. To be admired. Because even if a song is composed by a composer.. even if the backing singers sing.. it is the poets who know the story, know the situation, and write the lyrics that matter.

The media describes the fraudsters who engage in sexual harassment without making a film… as ‘film director involved in sex crime’. It is frustrating for the directors who actually shoot it. I request you to reconsider attaching the word film director before publishing such news.

I am fascinated by the dialogue in the preview of this film. Only good people fear law and police. It is true that it has been mentioned that people who do illegal work pay their dues to the police and stroll outside happily. Those who do illegal activities do not respect the police. Whoever rules, the police must be the police.

They look like gods until they give money. If a creditor asks for a loan after giving a loan, the creditor says that the omen is not good. I live in such a thankless environment.

The director has given the story of a young man suffering from alcohol through ‘Edatum’. I wish this film release and success.

Producer K. Rajan said, “What is engagement? I asked the film crew about the subject. We know the struggle. After that the gambling is known. I don’t go for it. Knows the alphabet. Knowing all these games, what is ‘Edatom’? Do not know. Then they said, “Jealousy.. Deceit.. Deceit.. Wickedness..”

Those who harbor deceit in their hearts are not human. Not a human trait. Humanity.. Humanity.. Humanity.. He who has these three… is a human being.

It is not wrong to think that you want to live alone. We should be fine. It is not wrong to think that our family should be good. It is the soul. Get over this.. I have to live too. Those around me and those who believe in me who want to live are pious souls. But don’t worry about me. To keep the country alive.. To be willing to make any sacrifice to keep the people alive.. Those who think that people are good enough.. Mahatmas like Perundhalaivar Kamaraja. We must become Mahatma. It is not possible to become a Mahatma in this age. But it can become holy spirit.

The director has made a good point with this film. He has wonderfully told the story of a young man who is spoiled by alcohol and stumbles. Sri Hero, the son of music composer Shankar Ganesh, is playing the role.

Music composer Shankar Ganesh visited the festival and met me and affectionately called me ‘Buy Boss’. But now whoever we as producers pay money to… they become bosses. We become workers. But every star cast, producers and directors work together.

In that way, the director of the film Eason owes a debt of gratitude. In his speech, he not only mentioned the foster mother, but also Gajapathi, who helped him technically to complete the film.

Both the central government and the state government should plan ways to protect small budget films so that they do not lose money. I present this as a request. If a film is successful, the central government allows income tax department to raid the producer’s house.. The producer who failed and disappeared should also be investigated. The central government has planned and implemented a scheme to identify wild animals in the forest. This is a good plan. Like this project that saves animals…, what is the status of a producer who has made films for 15 years? What happened to their family? A committee should be formed and monitored in this regard.

Central Government and State Governments generate tax revenue on behalf of the film industry. But it is not recognized as a profession by the central government.

I wish that “Edattum” does not turn into a frenzy, but becomes a success game.