Our traditional rice that we have forgotten, that has disappeared from us
Nell has been a fighter in saving the seeds of the species
J Yaraman. What he reinvented as an individual movement
About 174 varieties of rice.
He sowed the seeds for this greatness to continue after him
He is sitting down. As a witness of that, ‘Nel Jayaraman traditional rice
Security Center’ is actively working. His
Reverends and students lit the candle lit by Jayaraman
They are protecting the dam.
Cultivate, conserve and reproduce traditional rice varieties
For the farmers and the agriculture sector, agriculture
For learners, instructors and researchers
This movement is providing free of charge.
The administrators of this organization, the leader of the People’s Justice Center, Mr.
Kamal Haasan met him today. Then to them
Mr. Bae Kamal Haasan’s ‘Dirukiye from a fictional history, our
Today’s politics is about reclaiming the true history.
To our heritage, culture and history of Tamils,
Diet also has an undeniable place. History
As well as restoring our traditional agriculture,
Grains and water bodies should be restored. A
I think this is my duty as a responsible citizen.
‘Urkinaru Renovation’ to restore abandoned village wells
I was recently asked about the movement. My immediate support,
Appreciate their contribution. Traditional rice varieties
Your efforts to protect and decentralize
All are important. All the help I can
He said that it was Cheyve.
Organic farming, subsistence farming, traditional farming,
Small grains, traditional rice varieties, national succession,
People’s Justice Center including restoration of water bodies, village development
Concerned. Our contribution to these will continue forever.
They will conduct the ‘National Rice Festival’ on the 17th and 18th of June
Concerned about the Tamil land in the ‘Festival – 2023’ event
Everyone should participate. Preserving heritage
The community should support the efforts of these young people.
Kamal Haasan K Tukka.
During this meeting film directors H. Vinoth and Ira.
Saravanan, People’s Justice Center General Secretary Arunachalam,
State of Rice Jayaraman Traditional Rice Conservation Centre
Co-ordinator Rajiv, High Level Committee Chairman Bandanallur Asogan,
High level committee member Nannilam Udayakumar was present.
Along with these more than twenty natural farmers Mr.
They met Kamal Haasan and spoke.