Selfie with Maklak Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi makes foreign tourists happy!

Tourists thronged the shooting site for a selfie with Vijay Sethupathi

Foreign fans flocked to the set for a selfie with Vijay Sethupathi

‘Makkal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi’s upcoming untitled film is currently shooting in Malaysia. There are reports that tourists from South East Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand are increasingly visiting the site where the shooting is taking place, to meet Vijay Sethupathi of ‘Makkal Selvan’.

The upcoming untitled film directed by P. Arumuga Kumar, ‘Makkal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi is playing the lead role. He was accompanied by Yogi Babu, Rukmini Vasant, B. S. Avinash, Divya Pillai, Bablu, Rajkumar and others are acting. Karan Bahadur Rawat’s cinematography for this movie is composed by Justin Prabhakaran. R Govindaraj to look after the editing work, Art Direction by A. K. Muthu has undertaken. Dinesh Subbarayan has set the action scenes. This movie, which is being prepared in the action entertainer genre, is being produced by 7 Cs Entertainment, directed by B. Arumuga Kumar is producing on a grand scale.

The shooting of the film is going on in the first phase in the city of Ipoh in the north-western part of Malaysia. The shooting site is visited daily by many tourists not only from domestic but also from Indonesia and Thailand. Besides visiting the shooting, they are keen to take a selfie with the hero of the film ‘Makkal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi. As a result, the technicians and crew working on the set are struggling to control the tourists and fans of Vijay Sethupathi.