Poet Arunbharathi’s song “Oru Urula Enga Vaikka” tells the story of village life

The song that tells the life of the simple people depending on the soil has always been popular among the people
Poet Arun Bharati.

Acclaimed poet Arun Bharti’s film song “Erumbu”.

The song “Oru Oorula Enga vAIKka” in the movie “Erumbu” centered on two children of a simple family living in a village is currently receiving praises from many people and has been well received on social media.

Arun Bharati, the lyricist who penned the songs for the recently released hit movie “Pichaikaran 2”, has also penned this song.

Arunraj, who composed the music for Thadam, has composed the music. Pradeep Kumar’s voice adds beauty to this song.

Speaking to lyricist Arunbharti about this,

Such story fields are rarely available for songwriting. Director Suresh has already brought the scenes for this song. This “Oru Oorula” song was written by looking at the visuals of the song and according to the score set by music director Arunraj.

He said that he is very happy when everyone who listens to the song says that it is a song that they can remember after long days and feel like coming back to their hometown.

And success is different. A quality song is different. Sometimes the quality songs we write reach the masses and become hits.
As a creator, it gives us the greatest satisfaction to tell the life of simple people, dependent on the soil, in lyrics.

It is noteworthy that Arunbharathi is growing as an indispensable lyricist of Tamil cinema who said that this song has given me that satisfaction.